Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kill Em All......

Line them up against the brightest of yellow walls
And unleash a fury like the maternal instincts of mother bear
The blood will fly and they will drop in unison, clamoring
Take these insecurities and bury them far from my searing mind
I will no longer listen to their infuriating whispers
I will write like I am somebody with something to say
And at the end of the day, my cup will be bone dry
Ready to be filled with confident thoughts for sharing
Will you partake of my hearts desires? They are for you after all.
If you are willing then there is but one thing left to do

Kill em all......


  1. The idea I like the most in this poem is where the creative process depletes the cup "bone dry", but it is always ready to be filled again. Any doubts one has should be killed...

  2. We do bare ourselves when we share our writing... love the metaphor here.

  3. At first I thought of CEOs and Bankers on that wwall, but that only got me so far. Filling the cup with confident thoughts once dry to the bone is so attractive, I realized that the yellow wall is cowardice, and that it is the insecurities being fired. Let your Bear come alive and handle this! I am ready.

  4. Yes, indeed! Kill the insecurities before they get a foothold! We all have them. It's just a matter of how we handle them IMHO

  5. We do write to share and we must not be intimidated by our fears of people not liking them. Yes, fire away.

  6. It's good to come around and read this one again. This time I see the insecurities lined up against the wall...Kill'em all.

  7. Powerful piece, I need to read this more often.