Monday, July 16, 2012

Tactile Resonance

It’s a matter of texture, at my fingers, on my tongue
Slipping down my throat deliciously, eyes rolling back in my head
Acid, sweet, straight up, neat
Crystalline pieces melt in a pool of viscous saliva

It’s a matter of texture, at my hands, on my eyes
Creamy flesh of the inner thigh, smooth, I linger in anticipation
Fruitful, strong, softly, long
The kiss slightly wet, makes a mess of my little mind

It’s a matter of texture, at my soles, on my skin
Digging toes sharing molecular harmony with the essence of organic life
Sharp, growing, warmth, flowing
Icy cold water rinses the tension from between my toes

It’s a matter of texture, at my thoughts, on my mind
Information slides like plate tectonics, engaging ideas
Shifting, grinding, rolling, binding
My thoughts resonate at the frequency of the expanding universe

© 2010 Crowley

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Self Esteem Issues

 For Izy's prompt. Izy brings up a great challenge here, but when I go to try and parody myself, and I read through my stuff, sometimes it seems like crap So not really an amusing parody, just the way I feel sometimes writing around such talented folks. And on the other hand...some days I wake up feeling like the man, so I guess its a wash, I'll take what I have for the time being.

Sad, sad, dark, dark
Ugly dog, foam, willow tree bark
Political rant, a taste of tea
Children drowning in a cough syrup sea

Chant, chant
Groan, groan
Your mother's big chance
Blown, blown

Black, black, imperfect dude
A charming analogy about savory food
Parachutes, time, armageddon moon
Sexy girls that look like cartoons

Chant, chant
Sing, spit
This isn't writing
Shit, shit

Monday, July 2, 2012

True Beauty

If shooting stars
And granite dells
Met frosting covered pastry shells
The scene could never be as sweet
As one square inch of your perfect feet

If rabbit fur
And beaver pelts
Met satin sheets and chocolate melts
The offspring resulting from that sin
Could not be softer than your skin

If Christmas lights
And festive drums
Met deconstructed cheesecake crumbs
The holiday that comes and goes
Is not as treasured as your nose

If candle light
And mercury
Met the majesty of every tree
The soul of the bird that lightly cries
Can be seen in the reflection of your eyes

Beauty casts an eternal spell
Can take a pious man to hell
That dragon’s smart so watch your back
Many men won’t make it back

© 2010 Crowley