Monday, July 2, 2012

True Beauty

If shooting stars
And granite dells
Met frosting covered pastry shells
The scene could never be as sweet
As one square inch of your perfect feet

If rabbit fur
And beaver pelts
Met satin sheets and chocolate melts
The offspring resulting from that sin
Could not be softer than your skin

If Christmas lights
And festive drums
Met deconstructed cheesecake crumbs
The holiday that comes and goes
Is not as treasured as your nose

If candle light
And mercury
Met the majesty of every tree
The soul of the bird that lightly cries
Can be seen in the reflection of your eyes

Beauty casts an eternal spell
Can take a pious man to hell
That dragon’s smart so watch your back
Many men won’t make it back

© 2010 Crowley


  1. Phew, Crowley, my dear... I'll have a double order of every delicious dish you've laid out. What an old romantic you are!

    I love the rhyme and the whole form you have chosen adds to the incantation beat of your magic spell.

  2. I second Kerry there!! I'm not such a fan of perfect rhymes normally, but this one made me smile :)

  3. succulently sensuous stuff with just the right twist.bravo.

  4. Ahhh.... her beauty can take a pious man to hell...Love it!~! :)
    This is so romantic. A lovely read. Hope you're feeling better now.

  5. The rhythm and imagery were so fine. Yes, beauty can definitely cast an amazing spell in the eyes of the right beholder.

  6. I just love the rhythm and rhyme throughout this romantic piece.

  7. Oh, this was a fabulously great and greatly fabulous read! Romance in every line. I am again impressed.

  8. Delicious, descriptive, and all those other D words, like DAMN! I especially like the second to the last stanza, and the end is a nice leavening of all the richness that precedes it--so you get a poem souffle or something--lighter than air. ;_) Excellent piece, and not a lazy word in it.

  9. What beautiful and spell-binding poem ~ I love the ending rhyming couplets in each stanza ~

    Enjoyed the visit ~

  10. Clever AND romantic! I love it!

  11. I love the playful romance woven through this. I had to snort a bit at the part about the feet, though. No one will ever write that about me, no matter how much he might love me. :-)

  12. Aren't you the charmer! (...perfect feet usually mean expensive manicures :) This was so lovely and I would like to order it with some wine and soft music, please. :) Yes, this gets the "poem souffle" award, as Hedgewitch said above.

  13. Ah romance and rhyming it. Yes give me wine, music, and time...this must not be hurried through. :)

  14. Wonderful--fun, lyrical, magical, sweet. k.

  15. yum yum, sing it, my brother!

  16. I do regularly enjoy your shares and love the dark, gritty and raw twists you so dexterously pull off. so your generous comments seem all the more precious.thank you so much.

  17. The rhyme and rhythm in this piece are as tight as a pair of 70's designer jeans. Fine stuff.