Thursday, July 5, 2012

Self Esteem Issues

 For Izy's prompt. Izy brings up a great challenge here, but when I go to try and parody myself, and I read through my stuff, sometimes it seems like crap So not really an amusing parody, just the way I feel sometimes writing around such talented folks. And on the other hand...some days I wake up feeling like the man, so I guess its a wash, I'll take what I have for the time being.

Sad, sad, dark, dark
Ugly dog, foam, willow tree bark
Political rant, a taste of tea
Children drowning in a cough syrup sea

Chant, chant
Groan, groan
Your mother's big chance
Blown, blown

Black, black, imperfect dude
A charming analogy about savory food
Parachutes, time, armageddon moon
Sexy girls that look like cartoons

Chant, chant
Sing, spit
This isn't writing
Shit, shit


  1. This was funny.It takes a lot of honesty to laugh at yourself.But I really enjoy your shares.So keep it up!

  2. This does contain the fundamental elements of your writing: the stanza and refrain, and a mention of many of your motifs too (Children drowning in a cough syrup sea!!) but I do like it as a poem - it does make a statement about the poet's art.

  3. "a charming analogy about savory food" = GUFFAW!
    you are the cream in my coffee, sugar.

  4. This almost sounds like a witches chant around a black kettle! :)

  5. Fantastic little parody you cooked up for us! Yum.

  6. It's a song of the day ~ I think you are a very talented writer ~ All of us feel at some time or other feel like we are writing crap ~ Have a good weekend Corey ~

  7. Rowley! Thanks so much for posting to my challenge. I think you captured parody perfectly, the idea of mimicry and comedy come through brilliantly, well enraptured in your last stanza. I like you have chosen to mock that tender fragile writer that lives in all ofus, plodding (seemingly uselessly across the page). This is brave and clever: best combination ever! Viva la

  8. This is great, Corey--a great poem, and a great parody, though as you say, dark and cynical(my favorite) but also, such a self-wise bit of introspection--you do nail your style, but rather than making it look cumbersomely artificial, it lives and breathes itself out here, scorching like dragon breath, all the strengths emphasized. I love--LOVE--the chanting repetition, calling up the inner demons--and laughed out loud at the second stanza, while clenching my muscles at the unsparing scalpel in the others. (Sorry so late to get here--the heat's been paralyzing my brain and making it impossible for me to anything on the computer but play stupid video games.)

    1. and I still can't type, either. 'to DO anything on the computer..' yeesh.

  9. I would echo Hedgewitch's comment, really, and yours in the refrains:
    "Chant, chant
    Groan, groan
    . . .
    Chant, chant
    Sing, spit . . ."

    I love how you list your topics, summarizing in rhythmic stanzas all sorts of hints, winks, and clues while pretending simply to spit in the cypher along with anyone else with nothing to write down. HA!
    This poem is itself the lie to that passion of self pity.
    It is a parody, and it made me laugh out loud!

  10. Wow I think this could be a song! I love the darkness of it and the repetition~
    I too love the hints your drop along the way~
    I'm enchanted with this form... :D
    You always make me think

  11. Heh. I can just see the kids taking their cough syrup after you've risen from the table after a chatting with me about politics -spagel