Thursday, March 3, 2011

And The North Beach Rain

In tracing the path of that one drop of rain, sublime
The one that started at the top of the spire
Of the immense cathedral, deathly ornate….Jesus
Dripping from the finger of Mary and on to the back of your neck

Following that rivulet I might find the words
That only gods use to describe timeless lust
Chaotic and unbridled, what is the law my darling?
Lawlessness is acceptable when it is your eyes that give direction

That drop would settle in that little hollow
At the base of a supple spine…yours, beauty in strength
And if at times like these I refrain from drink and dreams
I would stab my finger, tasting, dignified moisture, quenching

That pool sends a mortal mans mind racing
Would you deny me a swallow of desire perfectly placed?
I could pay you in the warmth of longing and new pennies
And if I am short, take my umbrella

Let the pool dry, those swimmers are not likely to please
I will work fast and with fastidious abandon, anxious
And when I can let gossamer words float like petals on the surface
I will taste that gaze and the North Beach rain


  1. What is the law my darling?
    This question seems to contain the core meaning of the poem: What are the laws governing love and desire? Who makes them? Who adheres to them...when the path of one raindrop teaches mortal man the secret to timeless passion?

    I love this poem, and I'm very happy to see it on your blog.

  2. this is it... a perfect melange of love, religion and everything in between and making it flow like a river over the human heart...the result is a profusion of bliss that sweeps one of the feet...

  3. I like that drop falling on my tongue...your words are lovely to read ~

    Very nice to meet you at RT ~

  4. this is love, right here:
    "I could pay you in the warmth of longing and new pennies
    And if I am short, take my umbrella."
    whoosh, please may we have some more? oh great yum.

    1. Thanks for the flowers....I appreciate it. Very nice to meet you.

  5. Wow. Provocative, erotic, beautiful.

  6. This is my favourite poem of yours too. I remember when first you wrote it, and it is as resonant now as it was then.

  7. This is awesome. No wonder you should choose this as your best, and it I am especially glad ypu did because I missed it the fiorst time around. I particularly love that next to last stanza--it sets up the last one, and the whole poem, perfectly.

  8. Gorgeous, Corey--I think I may have read it, or it may just be ancestral memories of the wine of poetry flooding my veins--the first stanza is one of the best openings I've read anywhere, and not a word lets up throughout to the impeccable last line--I'm a sucker for a love poem every time, but this is far more. Just an excellent poem.

  9. I especially love your closing line......"I will taste that gaze and the North Beach rain." Loved it, Corey.

  10. I hadn't read this one before....So glad this was the one you shared. There are so many things in this I love. I won't highlight them here because I would be reposting the entire poem. :)

  11. I taste the wind and the North beach rain in your poem...
    wow-you give me chills in a good way~

  12. Sensuous and of the senses in many layers. Hero, this is inspired! Thank you for sharing this one. :)

  13. Glad that Shay prompted the look-back, and the chance to read this. I walked in North Beach plenty of times when I lived in the City, a million years ago. Damn. Fine pen. ~

  14. aaaahhhhhhhhh that umbrella love slayed me AGAIN. maybe i'll just keep coming back to this thing every six months or so to pile another superlative on top of the last one. over!

  15. *umbrella line. but also umbrella love, i guess! ;)

  16. ... thank the Universe for second chances! I missed this one first time around ...

  17. Dripping from the finger of Mary and on to the back of your neck - I love this line and how it travels through the poem connecting man woman earth god. A fine poem sir

  18. The erotic as sacred. The damp of North Beach rain, dripping off Mary’s finger sets the tone. Tracing the drop to the small of the woman’s nape gives it human context. I will work with “fastidious abandon” brilliantly describes the lover’s errand. And then there is “and if I am short, take my umbrella” What can one say. This poem is perfection. I am so glad for Fireblossom’s prompt. This is my first time experiencing this poem—but not my last.

  19. Ah. Just a lovely poem, Corey. Sensual, sweet. Thanks. K. (Manicddaily)