Sunday, February 17, 2013

Faithful Shadow

Good people are hard to come by....and I cherish the point when all is revealed and you know who you can count on. Cheers to all my good people....I only hope I can be all that for you as well.

I stood outside, at the edge of your words
Shadow boxing with the depth of your softest thoughts
Gently prying open a door that lead to comfortable breezes and lilac.
You sat on a throne of words unique...indestructible
I couldn't pass....

As chaos made messes of your locks
I saw only the one that fell across your fateful forehead
Drawing attention to eyes that wept holy water and whiskey
Taking in all who dreamt of living beside arts stream, din and sin
I fall to the middle....

I threw you the keys to the old Ford and said you could drive
But you were tired of making decisions, but sat close beside me
You spoke of a place that cradled the need to talk to the universe
Where all are it, and none are crushed, recognizing only the need  
of creative light....

I dream you pass untouched
And I follow in awe as always
Your faithful shadow.


  1. These words are balm to the aching spirit, Corey.
    I love the idea of the eyes weeping holy water and whiskey... and you're quite right: you can drive, this would be one happy passenger.

  2. i call shotgun!
    i'll share my seat with Kerry, though.
    love these words, and the sentiments expressed. hard to come by. super-duper hard.
    you can count on me.

  3. I specially like the second stanza..but the whole message is lovely Corey ~ Lucky
    us to see your creative light ~


  4. sincere and moving sentiments.there is a sense of idealized adoration which I like.

  5. For me, the last line was the magic line .... your faithful shadow.

  6. I love that whole last stanza, Corey! Always enjoy when you share...

  7. Love it Corey..this is so touching. I especially like how you ended it.

  8. Beautiful and deeply emotional. It reads so well, too.

  9. That is going to be quite a journey
    in the slipstream of great thoughts and a touch of genius

  10. Oh, Corey...this caused my inner-eye, (the one filled with the light of creative universe and indigo), swell and fill with the journey that you led us on. I just love the switching of imagery and sensory within this piece, Corey. Your opening genuine. Thank you and thank you for your sweet comment around my blog...your last sentiment brought such a warm smile. :)

  11. The first line is poetic perfection and the sentiment throughout so reverent. ( I also liked you lead in... yes, may we all find out who we can truly count on)

  12. Love it Corey! Love the creative light you have shined for us! :D

  13. Good people, both, in this piece. The devotion and reliance on one another is sure, strong, stunningly attractive.

  14. "Shadow boxing with the depth of your softest thoughts"...
    Brilliantly painted image with your words- in my head/heart.