Friday, April 12, 2013



    Acrylic-Chelsea Bednar
You told me once that icicles could fall and kill a man
I wasn’t prepared for the one you wielded so haphazardly
The vastness of your cavern of contempt illustrated sharply
A depiction of the many slaves you own on any given day
Digging deep to find the root of the cancer
With blistered psyche and aching heart valves
I finally came upon the treasure chest that concealed the answer
And so with this letter I wanted to let you know
I am fine and I need to stop by and pick up my record collection

For Margaret's Asbstract Prompt on IGWRT.


  1. This goes deep into a certain type of relationship, the ties that bind despite the injuries, and the way those ties are broken one at a time.

  2. Oh, this is so ... well, I just love the twist, the ending. Here you have me going with heavy sentimentality and then the zinger of a last line. Ha ha. Thanks.

  3. I specially like the ending lines Corey ~ Hope you have an awesome weekend ~

  4. The way you are able to leave me with a laugh ~~ priceless.

  5. Sharp ice will split a heart every time.

    We chose the same image. What does it mean???? :-)

  6. Interesting write..

    With blistered psyche and aching heart valves - this line really captured the essence of the picture for me.

  7. Oh my I enjoyed this one! Lots of vivid images! And then such a soft landing!

  8. Damn, Corey--never leave your record collection with *anybody*! I speak from experience--wonderful use of both clean sharp visuals and a down to earth language to convey the nasty and vicious twist of relationship gone bad.

  9. "With blistered psyche and aching heart valves"
    This line so projects the painted view!
    Love how visual you twist the image!
    Well done...
    I bow to you sir, lol

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  11. "The vastness of your cavern of contempt" certainly depicts someone who would kill a man with an icicle. Hope you survive the picking-up of your record collection and the possibility of an ice-pick waiting there with it.

  12. Delightful throughout, the last line a killer.

  13. Yes! Wielded, intoxicated, savoured and ...bam! :) xox

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  15. Yes, we love those we are supposed to love, but sometimes we don't like them. This is the impression I get.

  16. You always have a neat twist at the end, this one does not disappoint! Well done!

  17. Nine lines of dysfunction, described in brutal detail.