Monday, June 24, 2013

The Show Must Go On

In light of last nights drunken festivities, huzzahhhh!
My morning cereal went down like a handful of eight penny nails
Your voice the hammer that tacked shut my shithead coffin
Last nights words were meant for me and my self-loathing

I'll take my serial homewrecker van and drive
A path that jerks like an epileptics seizures, hold my tongue
To a place where the new "she" will latch on and dress me
In clothes that she will prescribe like illegal anti-depressants

And when she feels my change has settled in evenly
The solids separated from the putrid liquids
I will sweep myself into the finest gold lined dust pan
And take her out for drinks and verbal manslaughter

Really folks....the show must go on


  1. Oh my the price one must pay for tying one on...:)

  2. Damn that hammer!
    Wow, I have to read it again...the epileptic
    seizure path is
    so raw and real-

    Your dizzy dance has me entranced
    and so true the show must go on!

  3. Wowzers, the cereal like a handful of nails, the epileptic path, the makeover and the verbal manslaughter. Wickedly good.

  4. Oh, Corey... Such a quixotic moment has been captured here!

    I've just made my way through the poems written for your prompt and have been blown away. Thanks for a glorious challenge!

  5. a path that jerks like an epileptic seizure...that line should go down in history.bravo brother.hats off!