Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Lovestruck Sherpa

“Will you carry me up the mountain, and place me delicately?”
“Will you carry my belongings and hand me another pair of warm socks?”

The course of love, treacherous at times, snowballs until gravity matters
He shouldered her love without straps or cinching, without hooks or spikes
When it came time to profess that love, it echoed too loudly on granite faces
And the avalanche that ensued thundered in his ears, flushing faces

“You can move on, I will leave you in peace and heed winter’s warning.”
“Where will you go?”
“Into the valley where the rainwater collects in dark crevices waiting.”
"Why won’t you stay?"

The distance measured in in frozen tear drops, the landscape blurred and beautiful
But a hollow chest is where the ravens nest, dining on a young mans desires
He could capture his life in a poem, but icicle words are too sharp
Instead, he would capture silence by the tail and listen for love on the wind.

He can’t hear her, but the wind tells such lonely tales until sleep comes.


  1. Sigh.
    Tragedy, with an extra pair of warm socks.
    Bravo, Corey.

  2. Oh my, "but icicle words are too sharp" great how you ended it!!

  3. Oh, this is a heart-breaker. Women always complain that men never express their feelings enough, but when they do, they are often left out in the cold. I love how you wove the metaphor of iciness throughout the poem, and there are some amazingly memorable lines here:

    The course of love snowballs...until gravity matters. Whoosh!!

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  5. one more time without the embarassing typos:

    I feel like I actually hear the wind howling here,feel the bite of it, and the cold, but also the immensity from which it comes barreling down on us. So many lines here I love, 'he shouldered her love without straps or cinching, without hooks or spikes,' and '“Into the valley where the rainwater collects in dark crevices waiting.”' but the overall slam for me is the takeaway of the ending, the ravens nesting, the knife-icicles, freezing on the mountainside, and the slow wait for a thawing wind. Really good stuff, Corey.

  6. PS--when are we going to collaborate again?

    1. Whenever you would like my know I love it. Did you see my take on my who dunnit???? Damn that Coal Black!!! Check it out.

  7. spike sharp, Corey