Saturday, December 14, 2013

Chasing Spirits

For my own Friday Challenge, this is the first of two, my daughter Caitlin gave me the second line in the poem....she laughed at the outcome and had a good time with it, but she did ask me if Santas reindeer really have wi-fi.....

In the Glow of a tinseled tree....3 am
Christmas feels joyful and fun
Magic air so thick to frost sugar cookies 
Jesus' face a marbled wonder in Grandma's divinity

"Dad, can we open our presents?"
"Not til' Christmas Love."
"But why?"
"Christmas trolls darlin', with big teeth."

Waiting is a category of pain akin to a root canal
And sleep is the friendliest enemy of Christmas soldiers
That hallway glow taunts even the most steadfast
Santa has no patience with deserters, but will still eat the cookies

"Dad, how does Santa visit all the children?"
"He uses the internet and his reindeer have wi-fi."
"He's a Christmas troll, with small teeth."


  1. Happy happy birthday!!!!

    And yes, this is adorable .....

  2. Loved this, Corey. Caitlin is a lucky girl to have you.

  3. I just love your sense of fun and imagination!! Thank you for this challenge. :)

  4. Hahaha! I really enjoyed that and I really liked the wi-fi line...does the signal come in through the antlers? Awesome stuff indeed.

  5. ha! Christmas trolls. perfect ~