Wednesday, January 8, 2014


For Grapeling's 2014 Challenge #1, use nine words he picked from one of DH Lawrence's poems and construct your own.  Here we go.

His wants were a wedge designed for driving...please
Fine and spidery were the intentions borrowed from love's threshold
A subtle chaos varnished with liquid desire and keen as the sharpest knife
Spoil the man with a wayward glance and the stalking and groping begins

"Your beauty is beyond compare."
"There are three as lovely in this room alone."
"They taste like brown bread baked seven days hence."
"Somebody should put you out of your misery."
"Only you and only you."

Winged with brightly colored feathers he soars in lusts direction
Somebody forgot to tell him her desire wasn't as thick
A subtle shift of desires, current no longer lifts
And death seems certain when the hearts noose is too taught



  1. Hey! I'm thrilled to see you also went ahead and constructed a poem from the Lawrence word pool :)

    I honestly can't even pick them out - this poem shouts out in your own brave style.

  2. somebody ALWAYS forgets to tell him her desire isn't as thick.

    cool pen, Corey, and thanks for playing ~

  3. ah, 'love's threshold', romance while mother nature sets her claws, and winds us on a merry way...the days of wind and poses, the archetype rising from the ashes...if there ever was a noose, it's a 'plunging neckline'...howdy cowboy

    1. Woohoooo!!!!! Ed Hart, how are you my friend!!!!! Too long for sure. I miss your wit and your perfect eye. Hope you are well and that the cold doesn't have you tied to the radiator...unless whoever tied you there is wearing

    2. trying to climb on board

  4. Keep it up, great job! Just the stuff I had to know.
    jeux de bubble