Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Victoria y Allegra

The first two rays of the island sun turned to drops at high tide
Those eyes handed down like mothers jewelry, two girls, papas smile
The transition between sea and soul, sand to feet, is incalculable
Spiritually heavy, the skies are likely to give way to rains enchantment at any time

"Oma, can we go jumping?
"Yes, but only for a awhile."
"Nonna, can we go swimming?"
"Si mija, but only for a little while."
The hours pass and sun bleached curls grow too fast, too complete

The island tree is not the root, but an anchor to be reeled in, reset
When the fish stop feeding and the sand has been raked into Mexican destiny
There will be other places that girls can fill times sand pail
Until then, the island soothes with unending breezes that whisper, home and heart

"Mama, can we have helado?'
"Si baby, maybe tomorrow."
"Papa, can we ride in the boat?"
"Si amor, maybe this afternoon."
The sea tells you about the past daily, you listen and hope for the best

You plant the seeds, and rake the sand and in due course
The island becomes the blood pumping through burgeoning hearts and minds
A soul mate for all time and a brother who will steer the skiff true and straight
New beginnings are sad until they become home and we find the key to life still fits the lock


  1. This is beautiful, Corey. So evocative of place and also of time passing, little girls growing older, moving further from parental care.

    Big sigh.

  2. keen, piquant, and a perfect close, Corey ~

  3. you need to go on vacation more often. i just love this.

  4. I echo Kerry, grapeling and Marian. this was aesthetically pleasing to my 'minds eye' and the last line poignant a mi corazon.

    gracias mi amigo

  5. vivid images and also a wonderful last line.kudos.

  6. nimble, dexterous...polish the heart and the words become liquid as the fish-filled sea...same as a song pouring out of the guitar

  7. He's back with another song! I'd like to hear it sung, to see how you linger on each stanza's long last line, to hear how you mingle the daily scene with the transcendence.

  8. Spacious...big strokes of life...last line resonates...what if never..Enjoyed. Thanks.

  9. you had me yearning for sun,sand and blue water which is non existent North of the 49th parallel at the moment... :)

  10. So beautiful...vacation sits well on you. Love the ending...I have had to start over in new places several times through the years...home is what you make of it :)

  11. Wonderful parallels between children growing up and the mother sea which we all must leave behind yet return to with such powerful fondness. I loved "the sea tells you about the past daily."

  12. Beautifully written corey ~ The family connections, the use of sea and sands, and this line:

    The island becomes the blood pumping through burgeoning hearts and minds

    Have a good week Corey ~ Lovely to read you this morning ~

  13. So beautiful and nostalgic.

  14. Memories, dreams, today - all within the ocean's reach. There really is something so nurturing being ocean-side - something I have just recently learned to enjoy - and yearn for. I can't wait to go back.

  15. This makes me homesick for the sea. I love how it talks of the ocean, the island and family. Beautifully written.

  16. this is such a beautiful read! love the attention paid to details, almost like stepping into another's life!

    stacy lynn mar

  17. Gorgeous! I love the sea and you took me there. I never wanted to leave~ Magic in your words-I must read it again!!