Monday, December 17, 2012


Her voice sparkled like the bangles on the wrists of a wanton woman
Before I kissed her, I inhaled the cocktail of her breath, beer, mint and delicious
Staring at the cleavage in longing spurts, like looking at the sun
Look too long and I will burn my eyes, but the warmth beckons, softly
Will you
Legs lingered and stretched like the water line of a forty foot sloop
Before I touched them I swallowed hard and closed my eyes, nervous
How high is too high, sliding fingers in painful millimeters, a mile to glory
Slide too high and run the risk, calling the whole thing off, angrily
Can you
The little hollow at the base of your back, a seductive basin for dipping
Tongues and fingers with tactile longing, I would take my wine there, gorgeous
The bead of sweat from under your hair, slipping cautiously into the pool
I chase it and every other drop, draughting liquid lust, greedily
Fingers sketching outlines like petals of a velvet flower that reproduces violently
Exploring things that are filled with anticipation, fluid movement, carnivorous
Slowly coaxing the bears to the dump to feed without discretion or inhibition
Grasping firmly the warm bastions of my desire, strokes of genius, hungrily
Do me

© 2010 Crowley


  1. Whew *sweating* ~ I love the scents and texture of your longing and desire ~

    I need to write a sensual piece now ~

    Have a good week Corey ~

  2. oh ho ho ho.awesome brother.just awesome.loved this to bits.every detail is exquisitely in place.

  3. Like Grace, I must begin with "Whew." That was spicy and very well written. Did you mean "slope" rather than "sloop"? If not, I'm not familiar with this term. That doesn't mean it isn't a word, nor that you can't make it a word should you desire. Great writing, Corey.

  4. Whew, too, though I note how the desires of many different things mix here--is she a boat, a car, a fantasy, this particular woman? I bet it works in a song--take that out on the dance floor with a well-placed rhythm just before closing time.

  5. Seems we've seen both sides of Corey today ;-)

  6. What could be more elegant than the waterline of a 40-foot sloop? The seafarer in me cries "Gorgeous, Corey!"

  7. okay, i will confess that i saw this but couldn't even read it yesterday :(
    i think it's good that upon coming back to read it today, i am guffawing at "longing spurts" on her cleavage.
    in related news, i noted last night at the package store that there is a new beer, with great artwork by Ralph Steadman, called Pearl Necklace. *guffaw*

  8. Whoa! What a way to start my day! Now to get my mind on work...

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