Monday, December 10, 2012

Trouble In Blue

A little vicious, but it was for a prompt about and odd blue door  once upon a time.

Trouble in Blue

Angry trouble, double trouble, lover’s trouble, trouble in blue
Changing locks to filter unwanted guests, eating all the grapes
Cramming porcelain knick knacks into a too big purse
Making medical diagnoses from pill bottle bathroom reading
Crashing sock drawers and gasping at the size of sex toys and reading material 

See my fate all dressed in blue
A crawling sick, making due
Fishnet stockings, sniffing glue
Fetish tricks, come fuck me shoe

Man trouble, car trouble, women’s trouble, trouble in red
The morning crashes like an unwelcome disease
Thoughts of muzzling my spouse, strapping my boss, prick
Tempered only by my desire to avoid unsolicited prison sex
The whiskey bottle shaped like Christ in despair, is salvation wet

See my fate all dressed in red
Paycheck bouncing, kids need fed
Your voice grates inside my head
By morning love, you’ll be dead

Marriage trouble, heart trouble, tax trouble, trouble in blue
Looking forward to the end of an uninteresting driftwood existence
Hoping my tack is true and bold in the next life, creative
Waiting for the ever after to unfold, tattling like a spurned sibling
To the gods of reincarnation, wailing of my pitiless lack of imagination

See my fate all dressed in blue
Casket silk like morning dew
Death bed secrets tried and true
Shit bed head, lipstick askew

Trouble, troubled, troubling……you
See my fate all dressed in blue


  1. Yep, there's some trouble in this piece. Wherever that blue door prompt was I would like to thank them for sending it to inspire you. I always feel I can come here, take off my shoes and spin tales of life by cussing if I

  2. I know this fate and damn I'm dressed in blue~
    Wow, wow, got me on so many rants!
    I could feel the despair, the wonder of and the lack of
    all kissed in blue~
    YOU amaze me ;D
    I love so many lines, but this one really surprised me:
    "shit bed head, lipstick askew"

  3. I always read this like some kind of internal monologue on repeat, when anxiety gets so high that words and phrases and images plunder the mind. What makes it for me are the alternate stanzas in italics, because all the dark humour is packed between their lines:
    See my fate all dressed in blue
    A crawling sick, making due
    Fishnet stockings, sniffing glue
    Fetish tricks, come fuck me shoe...

    Don't knock 'com-f-y' shoes!

  4. this one is destined to be set to tunes.only in the form of a song can one capture the dark potency of this sizzling piece.

  5. trouBLE! trouble trouble trouble trouble trouble!

  6. Wow, you gave trouble a face and a color...and it ain't fun!

  7. Loads of trouble waits behind that odd blue door

  8. Some scary good stuff in here, Corey--crawling sick, salvation wet,driftwood existence, and the rhyming adds the most wicked touch--especially at the end. I was actually thinking recently of painting our front door blue--now, maybe not.