Monday, November 5, 2012

Blue Steel:Saving Sammy - Chapter 1


Chapter 1


      Allison had left the office for lunch in a good mood, her only planned activity was to grab an Italian ice down at the pier. The air was crisp, the shadows of the early afternoon sun giving a hint of the approaching autumn months.

      She felt confident and on top of that, she felt sexy. Not just run of the mill, ordinary sexy, but she felt red lipstick, cool sunglasses, short leather skirt sexy. Her abundant sexuality trailed her physical person in a Pied Piper sort of way, her magnificent presence catching the eye of most of the men within shouting distance and even more of the women. It was a day when men would bite their tongues and women would call her a bitch under their breath for no apparent reason, just because she was…well, she just was.

      Half way down the steep steps that lead to the boardwalk, she turned to see if the asshole handing out the concert handbills was still following her. Back on San Xavier Street, he had abruptly stopped handing out handbills, let out a hissing half whistle from between the gap in his front teeth and said “what an ass” so loud that at least fifteen women and two men turned to see if he was speaking of them. Allison knew better. Today she had the funk, she had the zing, she was queen shit and even though the handbill guy was really creepy, she felt a certain sense of satisfaction in his longing to “get him some of that”, the next in his seemingly unending supply of porno movie pick up lines that he said loud enough for Allison to hear at fifty feet.

      He was still following and now he had his little handbill buddy with him, both of them with grins on there faces, certain that if they played their cards right they were going to score.

      Allison approached the Italian Ice cart, asked for a lemon ice and dug into her pocketbook for change.

      “Let me get that,” the familiar voice said from behind her. The creepy handbill guy handed the vendor a five and said keep the change with a “money is no object” tone to his voice.

      “Thanks,” Allison said, walked farther out on to the pier and leaned backward against the pier railing, her elbows resting on the top rail, one leg resting on the middle rail, purposefully striking a supermodel sort of pose. She rather provocatively tongued her lemon ice.

      Creepy handbill guy sidled up beside her, his little buddy standing awkwardly nearby but not near enough to interfere with his mentor’s mojo.

      “So, what’s your name,” he asked pretending to be interested in the comings and goings of the crowd on the pier.

     “Who’s asking?”

      “The names Walter, but my friends call me Buck.” He wiped his hand on his pants and put it out to shake her hand. Allison pushed her sunglasses down to the tip of her nose, cocked one eye in an expression that said, “you have got to be kidding” and went back to work on her frozen treat.

      Creepy handbill guy let his hand fall to his side and in one quick but awkward motion he slipped his hand on to Allison’s ass. She didn’t even flinch. Her calmness surprised her more than it surprised him. Not today, today she was cool, she was in control, and this guy would soon find that out in grand fashion.

       Allison slid her hand down and on to her own ass covering his hand in hers. She gently rubbed his hand in a circular motion on her ass and then slowly started rubbing his hand around her hip and on to her stomach.

      “No shit man, you have a wicked six pack,”Buck said, his eyes lit up like a kid at his first amusement park visit.

      “That’s not all I have.” She continued rubbing his hand up and across her body, over her breasts and up to her face. She pulled him from her side to a facing position in front of her. She put her face near his and stared intently into his eyes unblinking, she could feel his erection poking into the flesh on her thigh. For a creepy handbill guy he was fairly well endowed.

       One by one she curled the fingers on his hand in toward his palm, like making a fist, until only his index finger was still straight. She pulled his finger to her lips and lightly touched the tip to her bottom lip and gave it a light kiss.  His body was as rigid as a biology class cadaver, he was barely breathing. He started to press his erection harder into Allison’s thigh.

      “Can you imaging what it would be like…” her voice trailed off into a low whisper. He couldn’t respond with words, just a short breathy exhalation and a slight nod of his head.

      Then in one quick, almost machine like motion, Allison took his finger, bent it back until she heard an audible snap and thrust her knee squarely into his crotch so hard she imagined that she could feel the mark that his prostate left on her knee cap. This made her smile.

      Buck let out a scream as his finger gave way, and then doubled over with a great exhalation after the knee to the crotch, the searing pain in his abdomen and his inability to draw a breath overriding the pain from his finger. He fell to the ground.

      Allison stood over him, waiting for him to catch his breath. He looked up.

      “Now listen you little asshole, if you can still imagine what it would be like… your going to have to do it with you other hand.” She started to walk away and then turned back.

     “Oh, and thanks again for the Ice.”


  1. yeeeeehhhhaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww for chapter one of whatever this is! though my big takeaway here is: GERMS! ACK! go suck down some Listerine, girl!

  2. thats one knock out punch of a story! tantalizing and riveting at once.and this proves why you could so well appreciate my poem.thanks brother.

  3. Your writing reels you in and then the sucker punch at the end-brilliant!

  4. Look at what you've done... you've created a female lead that all of us love!

  5. the sexiness, power and gut clenching kick at the end....

    terrific story Corey ~

  6. I agree with Kim. Love this girl. I knew she was going to get him, just waiting to see how. I'd have skipped the foreplay and gone straight to the get-him if I'd been her, but it wouldn't read nearly so well.
    Way to go, Corey.

  7. Phew.... what a gal. I knew she was going to get the better of him but... phew..
    Great start to your story. Allison is a lively one for sure ;)

  8. wow what a ride this was... tough cookie!!!

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