Monday, August 19, 2013

Bayou Moon

The moon smiled and told me that my hair looked swell
And I followed her to the top of that hill
The one where Rosemary lost her cherry, screaming Henry
The one where Jo Boy pulled the trigger, spreading himself thinner

Its voodoo child
You better get on home before Mary rips your eyeballs out
That bridge was made for jumping
That moon, she'll fuck  your head
Laugh at you through the bubbles sure
You best stay in tonight

At  the top of the hill, that moon put on her mask, lord have mercy
And asked if I loved her as much as Henry said
Henry was a no good cheat of a man, I'd kill him if I could
But I blushed and gave her flowers and glimpsed her cleavage

Its voodoo child
That spot just above her legs is angry
Bury you faster than Typhoid Mary
That moon, she'll fuck your head
Laugh at you through the flames burnin'
You best stay in tonight

Have you ever made love to the moon, forget your name
Sweet whiskey dreams and the pungent smell of love on leather
She'll give you things that will make you forget sweet sunshine
Give it up for another taste of her wine, brush of her thigh

Its Voodoo child 
You made your bed boy
She'll cut your throat fine
That moon she'll fuck your head
Laugh at you through your broken dreams
You should have stayed in

© 2011 Crowley


  1. While I read this, I kept thinking of the song Ode to Billie Joe. Maybe you know what happened on Choctaw Ridge? Maybe you know what happened to Bobby Gentry? She'd be 68 now.

  2. Your writing is just too damn good, Corey. Those opening lines contain hooks which insist on pulling the reader into the narrative. This taps into all our age-old superstitions, the voodoo of love and sex, and explains how the moon fits in... Spectacular piece.

  3. That moon is mighty powerful! Love this.

  4. Whoa, I loved this. I'm a singer/songwriting, and I was thinking "Bad Moon On The Rise" but with better lyrics!! I swear, I could hear that drumming rhythm behind every word.

    Damn, great writing! Glad you hooked up at Toads! Amy