Monday, August 19, 2013

That's My Girl

She fit the mold, that’s for sure
But that dirty bitch had charisma for miles
And the girls felt the presence, the heat of the shift

“You going to the party?”
“Hell, I’m throwing the party luv.”
“Ain’t no one gonna show.”
“Except you, now don’t go lettin’ me down.”

A threat falls on deaf ears if a girl’s strong
A midnight tryst with butcher’s tools
A blinding light and power ebbs…..sister’s of the mind and the thigh

“Ill take you darlin’ scars and all”
“You gave me these scars.”
“Think of em as sort of comin’ out present.”
“You can have me on Wednesdays, behind the church.”

Gasping for air in a vacuum, like kissing in a tornado
You live or die in a lover’s knot cinched too tight
Shedding your soul for hers feels good until morning

“I have to go home.”
“This is your home, your blood, my blood, it’s the bond.”
“I’ll die before the sun sets.”
“I’ve got a shovel.”


  1. You always have a story, and they always amaze me."You live or die in a lover’s knot cinched too tight" That is just one tiny piece of what I love about this. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking part in the challenge!!

  2. you gave me these scars. oh, yes. this is terrific, babyluv.

  3. You live or die in a lover’s knot cinched too tight...

    This is all rather terrifying, the edge of violence too near for my comfort.. but I do wonder what it would be like to kiss in a tornado.

  4. the intonations in the dialogue ring so true i found myself hanging on for the next quote. really engaging and sharply written storytelling...

  5. This is my cup of tea... even though it's a very wrong, hurtful relationship: "you gave me those scars" - it's like a car crash, I can't stop reading. There is something in me that feeds off these unfortunate characters... oh, yeah, I get it. I was one of them!

    Visceral, killer write. Amy

  6. Wednesday night prayer group never dragged so badly; I thought that clock must be broken! ;-)