Friday, February 6, 2015

Magical but not that Magical

Are you there?
The face of a child is the face of the universe
In that child's face lies everything and nothing
And in his pocket a quarter to make a call
Assuming God doesn't take collect calls
The child will have four minutes
To say everything and nothing
That happened since last Easter
Then comes the small talk
Which is bigger when God is on the other end
When the call is over she will sigh
And say out loud
"No matter how many times he asks,
I will not call him "It", that just seems disrespectful


  1. So often that call remains unanswered.. but the child-like eagerness says much about the human spirit, and the endurance of hope.
    The face of a child is the face of the universe... To me this one line is a poem all its own.

  2. So clever and really very touching. Thanks. K.(Manicddaily)

  3. Such an interesting thought of having that single phone-call.. and it never truly gets answered.