Tuesday, February 3, 2015


You can have it if you are high on anything
The softest voice attached to the softest fingers
Supplicant, you might ask for more
But its not your decision babe

When you are high on the wind
There is a piece of you that does fly
Not your soul, its tethered to infinity
And you cannot fathom the calculation

When you are high on drink
Those breasts will eat a man's lunch
Then his mind for desert, coffee after
The headache, a token, affection for the search

When you are high on love
It is better to love the earth or ocean, not the man
Grounded in natural beauty, you will choke first, tears
But the heights, oh the heights, you may reach 
Kissing the sky means just that


  1. "Kissing the sky means just that"....so true. Every stanza holds it's own in truth and beautiful imagery.

  2. Better to be high on life. You've nailed it.

  3. High on the wind...high on love... You have expressed the joys of enhanced experience so beautifully Corey. I want to sign up.

  4. LOVE that last line. Jimi would be proud.

  5. vacation poems... keep em coming!

  6. This is just lovely--it is ballad like in its musicality, and has an earthy/sky-y wisdom. Really terrific stuff, Corey--visual, vivid-- Thanks k. (It is Manicddaily--http://manicddaily.wordpress.com--but blogger wants me to use an old blogger ID that I never otherwise used.)

  7. Thoroughly ethereal, completely down to earth--we fly and high up there we know exactly why, even if the reasons not to do it are a novel as long and sad as War and Peace. You bring a sure touch to this, and a translation for those who lost their wings a long a time ago, of that flight that makes you not care about the crash.

  8. Love that closing line. Excellent, Corey.

  9. Yes the closing sums it up perfectly .. there is so much you cannot expect from a man.. But the music can kiss the sky for sure.

  10. Seems to be a mixed blessing kind of message--spoken by one who's been there.

  11. I shall be high on self, life... and little love. I like to live dangerously. ;-D

  12. Agree..tis better to have a spiritual high ... temporal ones hit the ground hard when they crash !

  13. What was Jung's alchemical RX for alcoholism? Spiritus contra spiritus - it takes spirit to counter spirits. There's nothing less human than an almost-human robot face, and what addiction yearns for -- something almost enough for more--is like the short cut that we never get home from. When all of those heights can never fill the empty depths within -- well, it's time to hang up that banjo; or turn it around to play the other way. Nice.

  14. So much to love, in the world and in your poem.

  15. You do have a wonderful way of laying things down ~ telling it like it is! I love this poem.