Tuesday, January 13, 2015


She broke the silence with seven words from Cannery Row
The opening paragraphs, the paragraph about Monterey being a quality of light
They looked at her seven ways from Sunday and fidgeted
And she was the weird one, the forced puzzle piece
And she was the girl that hung out on the fringe
She knew those words and she knew that quality of light
She was seven days from becoming full and gorgeous
They didn't know, she didn't know
The universe hangs it's hat on the beauty that is an open mind


  1. Well I love John Steinbeck and I'm in favor of any mind open to his! This describes how difficult it is to be passionate about something that is rather intellectual (but also isn't) --and especially for a woman--in the setting of a certain age group especially, i.e. school. A super interesting choice of topic and very well described, Corey. Thanks. I will have to do look at Cannery Row now! Take care, k.

  2. It takes a poet to recognise and appreciate the otherness of those around them - the brilliant minds which remain largely unrecognised. This portrait is tenderly drawn.

  3. The beauty unseen found in those words. Can't say I would pick them up.. Way to long since I read cannery row..
    Maybe that's why it's easier to just giggle and smile.

  4. 'Seven ways' and 'seven days', nice internal rhyme.
    More impressed I was though by the power in the line,
    "She was seven days from becoming full and gorgeous".
    Open minds are my thing, the world does hang its hat on that. But, ...
    I won't name names, I might someday as it isn't secret. For one hour a day most week days my ears are full of their rant.

  5. Love Steinbeck and now I'll have to go see those words...

    For me, the feeling that this character is somehow in a cocoon and will be emerging soon...this is a strong feeling I get from this piece.

    Love your work, Hero. :)

  6. A kin eye, guided by a kin heart, always sees best... The universe and you are great hat-hanging artists. But you already knew that...

  7. Wonderful writing! I love the final line!

  8. The beauty of an open mind...love that. Beautiful

  9. Stevie Ray must be providing the lead licks for this from Strat heaven but its sung by your own bluesy angel. Leave it to the outsider to say what everyone on the inside can't quite admit. Three picks and a vintage pill-bottle slide tossed your way.

  10. Very good. Love seven ways from Sunday. To be a weird girl.