Saturday, May 16, 2015

Don't Care a Thing About Them Blues

A cup full of misery Janice
A cup full of time
A cup full of mama's ass
A place to plant a rhyme
A cup full of sorrow Prudence
A cup that spilled the love
A cup full of daddy's nickels 
A push comes to a shove
Now that it is full dear Marva
Now that you are gone
I'll sit and shine this here guitar
Don't give a shit about that sun


  1. This is simply wonderful :D enjoyed the smooth flow of the lines in this magnificent poem! Congratulations for your book!
    Thanks for stopping by to read mine :D

  2. Ha, you nailed it! And very cleverly!

  3. Pretty and .Blue, Corey. Nice job.
    My favorite low was getting the "cup full of daddy's nickels" Been there a few times.
    I'm hoping the "cup full of misery Janice" was of Janice Joplin ilk. She is my all time favorite, still. I suppose that "Me and Bobby McGee" was just for me.

  4. This sings with blues . The cup full of tears turning to nickels - l like this a lot, you are blues in your writing

  5. Says it all--bend the strings and let the pain come out--and everything else--that's what it's for.

  6. I like how this moves from the cup full of misery to the acknowledgement that living can be a pretty shit deal, but I'm going to sit out in the sun and make music anyways.

  7. Great blues--terrific name choices. And juxtapositions. Thanks. K.

  8. Love it! I can hear it being strummed on an old guitar with a cigarette in the corner of someone's mouth!