Monday, June 1, 2015

It Takes Two

It takes two…coffins to bury last night’s casualties
My dignity and my unflappable charm did not go down without a fight
Put your left foot in, put your left foot out
Shamelessly flailing like a land locked trout

It takes two…men with shovels to dig out the grave
The place where my Sunday will be buried, a day dying on the couch
Put your right foot in, put your right foot out
I’m too old for this shit, there is no doubt

It takes two…former friends to tell me to sit down the following week
When the dance floor flirts, massaging my need for attention with lovers fingers
Put your head in, put your head out
Who am I kidding, Captain Morgan has the clout


  1. Speaking as one who has stuck both feet in it, wedged her head far up it, and stepped in it time and time again, can relate. Well, art is never easy and always messy. Let's go with that!

  2. Loved the rhythmic flow in this piece :D

  3. Ha, this made me smile........loved the dignity and unflappable charm not going down without a fight!

  4. Love the weaving of this piece. Well done.

  5. Haha a land locked trout THE HORROR!

  6. for some reason this poem reminds me of that scene from Breaking Bad, you know with Saul in the desert. But that comparison is too weak for the voice of this thing, which I imagine to be Tom Waits on a more barky day. I like the wibbly wobbly Thompson-esque you're frontin here! Viva la and thanks for posting!

  7. Do the hokey-pokey ~~ with all of your might!! Love this!