Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 BD

I give a shit!
You're drowning in blankets of maybe, sorry
Let me peel back the layers and expose your new skin
A perfect photograph of kindness upon your brow
Worry thrown like a frisbee to the pups nipping at your heels

I give two shits!
You should have held tight, white knuckled
Thrown to the curb because I feel the universe expanding
My breath encompassing NOW, emotionally relevant
Keep climbing dear, when you reach that spire I will have gone

Giving a shit is love without the curse word
Giving a shit is the soft warm bosom of the world
Giving a shit builds mountains that shelter, grows crops that nourish
Giving a shit is the foundation for life's minstrel show, snake oil and all
Giving a shit is what I do


  1. I can see those who only give a shit if you say shit.. Care is universal and should not be ignored.

  2. this poem is the 'shit.' haha...i rode your words like a wave....even crashed there near the end. good stuff.

  3. pretty damn sure you do, sir. ~