Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fever in A Third World Fashion

In the throes of dangerous lucid dreams
The infection for freedom burned deep between twitching muscles
Travel by day on this road to your grave
Not knowing that the last minutes are those firework images
Surrounded by the movie show that begs reality to go home

The war, waged on two fronts, both showing mass casualties
Hearts burst by hobnail boots and they are filled with white hot pus
You did this to my people, you have the medicine
And still you stand on balsawood principles, deciphering worth and measure
Quoting "Slice of Life" vignettes from your stupid book with bloody pages

Look up you rotten bastards and see your fate
Drive that barge straight to the gates of hell and knock confidently
And when you are consumed by the boiling water
Lift your hands high so that I can pretend to grab them....weak fingers
And join the eternal regret, saved only for those who never really had a heart

And when the spirit wakes me from this fevered dream....?

© 2010 Crowley


  1. your title caught my eye right away. Here you have brought me into a new space. One of the things I admire about of your work (one of many mind you) is your quest to hold up injustice and suffering, to turn these things to nothing else than cold hard truths, and here that desire of the poet to hold something putrid and sharp under my nose is very evident.

    And of course, I am ever grateful.!!

    Off topic and kind of inappropriate: I love listening to your music posted on your blog, I always smile when i hear your voice. viva la

  2. a searing indictment of war and the bastards that wield it (for profit, in my view) ~

  3. This poem leaves an acid burn at the back of the throat. The second stanza is particularly affecting, with its graphic content. Someone has to have the heart to write these poems, my friend.

  4. No body wins in war - temporarily, I suppose, those who make a profit - but they will be "rewarded" in the end. Powerfully gripping.

  5. Eternal regret? War is ever thus...

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  7. Not sure what happened, lost my comment and never finished... they are singing now, to bless them all, sweet songs of hope, from every spirit, rise..... rise above, for one and for all.