Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunset Overdone

Everything has been said about the sunset, right?
Babes crying in unison for their mothers nipple
She is in an alley in Coyacan chasing dragons
Making friends of husbands and loners, this is her hour
As the suns angry orange orb melts an entire island on the far side of the bay

Everything has been said about the sunset, right?
The boy learned a new futbol' move today, and waited to show it off
In the distance his fathers fishing boat sinks in rough seas
The wind is no help in keeping the ocean out of his ears
A viloent red sunset screams his fathers death proudly, setting the water on fire

Everything has been said about the sunset, right?
Hiding in the bushes, the old woman clutches a knife to her breast
Dimentia making visions into epic nightmares, where is everyone she knows?
The sillouette of the killer in the setting sun stalking her eyes, blade at ready
It is merely her husband, searching for her in a sunset that is boiling his tears

Everything has been said about the sunset right?
The sound of murder and betrayal carries far into the dark corners
As sunset burns images into the nights milky blind eyes
And the sun waits patiently to rise again and try and make things right
But what of the wrongs of the night before, do we forgive so easily?

Open your eyes child and let in the light quickly....for sunset is coming soon

© 2010 Crowley


  1. This poem literally gives me the chills as each unforgiving scenario unfolds. God knows you have a vision, Corey. A vision of humanity that cuts right through the cerebral cortex of your readers.

  2. Wow, the sunset has never been told this way - and it is so powerful because of it......the vignettes under the brilliant skies make me think of sunset in a totally new way. This is rather brilliant, Corey. Fantastic closing line! Wowzers.

  3. Pheewwww... Yes, this is powerful. I guess we all see it so differently as it affects us so differently too.
    Amazing write!

  4. Oh my heck! You made me consider the sunset in a completely new way. Generally a romantic, I was stopped short by first stanza's end, then compelled to read on, quickly. Original, smart, tight write.

  5. Yeesh, Corey. Shivers, and all. That last line is the very opposite of a benediction...and to the right mind(such as your own) nothing has ever all been said, no matter how hackneyed the subject. I like how this skips across cultures and personalities, age and time, to draw some chilling universal conclusions.

  6. A dark way of viewing the sunsets for sure, chilling like poised knife ~

    Like all the colours you painted, milky, angry orange, violet red ~

    I enjoyed trip down your alley ~

  7. What a dark view of such bright light...so often sunsets are romanticized but you have brought harsh reality to them. Brilliant piece!!

  8. Amazing and very craetive, unique look at sunsets... one that will stick with me.

  9. Wow you painted the cerebral fire's wrath~
    So true, most of don't see this sunset, but hear about it in the daily news...
    I agree you turned the illusion of what we want into the reality of what is.
    Sad, haunting and brilliant!

  10. "As sunset burns images into the nights milky blind eyes" WOW. The NIGHTs EYES! and then is it our own blindness or forgiveness that covers the night with a soft, sunset cover of forgetfulness? Brilliant!

  11. my friend, i just finished a big long novel about the sunset... and thank you so much for that recommendation. that nasty, nasty sunset. and now, remind me which one i am supposed to read next?

  12. That second stanza makes nature sound like a ravening beast, indifferent to human emotion. Which it is. Or at least, can be.

    Rock on, hee-ro! :-)

  13. Wow, after reading the poem Grace wrote in response to your song, now I am again forced to remember I wasn't always a sweet old lady looking at the sunset as a photo opportunity.
    Many of the worst things in life happen after sunset, and sweet old ladies tend to forget that.
    Thanks (I think) for the reminder.

  14. scary, grim, bloody...and yet quite real.all our sunrise and sunsets do bring misery to so many more which our aesthetic visions ignore.keep it up.

  15. Rowley, this carries your trademark sardonic,"fucking world, right?" but you have also brought a series of unfolding stories that evokes a gritty realism to meet your repetitive line that starts each stanza. Your images are more constructed than usual and it serves this piece to a masterful end.

    I must admit, I have reservations about the right? at the end of each Everything has been said about the sunset, right?, only because, I feel stating everything has already been said about the sunset. with a definitive end, then following it with the magic you've composed what read so strongly...but this is just a small suggestion out of my personal preference of avoiding question marks. All in all, you have done good with this. I can feel something from you here that is powerful and growling, as if the shadow of this stalks alleyways and sharpens its teeth cinderblocks....that sound that under current stays with a reader.

    onward and viva la