Sunday, May 13, 2012

Raining Hope

She spewed a litany of grace and character
Ironing out the wrinkled souls of the masses
They bowed and prayed to her, yes, for love
But mostly for mere creature comforts, money and sex
One, two - look at yourself in the mirror girl
Three, four - I can't, I can't.....I won't
Five, six - you created this mess dear
Seven, eight - go away, I'm sick
Fuck nine and ten, I'm not getting through
Her mind was coming apart at the seams
Once righteous, now raging, turgid synapses
Blood behind her eyes, she had to tell the truth
Two seconds and ten grains later, on national television
She did.....


  1. Holy cow, I can only imagine what kind of truth she had to tell! A powerful poem, full of conflict and darkness. Very nicely done!

  2. The televangelist was in love with a cat named Smokey/ he loved her although she was cokey...

  3. I don't know if you had a specific person in mind when writing this portrait, but it could describe any number of celebs or starlets who see their lives going South in full view of the masses, themselves addicted to TV scandals. It's a sad cycle: fame causes pain causes fame again, of the notorious kind.

  4. Oh, this is hard core! I love it!

  5. The countdown was effectively used here ....But I wonder if she did voluntarily or hands was tied ~ Great share Corey ~

  6. Gritty and good! I, too, can see the slide of a life played out before the masses. Reminds me of
    Whitney and Anna Nicole. Wasted.

  7. This is so raw and powerful. Such is the life of the shallow, living an artificial existance in the limelight.

  8. I'm not sure I understand this poem, but I want to tell you where I went while reading: The Madonna prayed to and reaching out--an odd but holy mother--hidden in conversation with the one who seems to be out there--Vanessa Williams, etc--but not getting through. I would that our big stars think so deeply; and I never before thought of what the Madonna might think of us, those who bid her to intercede for us both there and here. For me this was a swiftly swirling mass of images, a speed of the iphone commentary on what is holy.

  9. okay i swear i commented on this little number before. what's up with that! my favorite phrase here is "ten grains later." indeed!

    also, i came back over (get it, came back? because i thought i had already said something about this poem?) because i wanted to tell you that i am halfway through Duma Key. and I LOVE IT and thank you. i am reading it very leisurely on my kindle because i want it to never end. never! he's the master, that Stephen King. and this is a master work, i just love it. xo

  10. This is great, could think of any number of Reality TV people who love to spew without discretion.......thanks for your comment on my Bridge of Assess.....I appreciate when a man reads and comments when women are being snarky . I, too, would have loved to find someone to share with. I finally had to adapt to flying solo.