Friday, October 19, 2012

Hoping to Count

In a wash of red orange light, with an audible buzz inside my head
I saw what lay in store for the world
And that I am not connected
Before you get down or curse my findings
You need to remember that you are everything
Not the result of everything
You can’t claim connection when you are the center
Of the one thing great, beauty is not your destination

Copyright 2012


  1. This is beautiful, Corey. Gentle, wise, centred. I love it.

  2. This is very deep. I especially love the advise to remember we are everything, not the result of everything. Beautiful writing, Corey. My fave of yours.

  3. You can’t claim connection when you are the center

    ... powerful line there!

  4. This is a thought provoking piece ~ I love the seeming contradiction between connection and being the center of everything ~

    Wishing you happy weekend Corey ~ Thanks so much for your lovely words in my blog ~

  5. There's a paradox here, being distanced from consequence, and being so central that consequence is not a own philosophy is to stay on the side of those with cookies.

    My favorite lines are the opening ones--they are like a smack and engage the gears--then the rest puts the hum where it belongs. Very tasty, even without baked goods.

  6. "beauty is not your destination"
    You're so right, Corey, beauty is all around us, all the time, everywhere.

  7. We do hold so much in our own hands...and it is in every every opportunity and choice we make whether we live that beauty. This is golden, Corey.

  8. ...makes my mind go in circles a bit, but I like it.

  9. deep and brilliant! The fifth and the sixth lines speaks much....

  10. I have learned that disconnect can be a good thing, after being haunted by that concept for damn near seven years. This one struck a chord deep in my psyche, Rowley. Destination unknown, thank fuck. Viva la

  11. The essence of Zen philosophy, in a brief and beautiful poem. Each is all. All are each. Simple.

  12. WoW. No destination, only center. pro-found.

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