Monday, October 8, 2012

Lessons In Brevity

 Lesson 1: Rabbit Punch 

I punch you in the face
Everyone knows I kicked your ass
But superficial wounds heal....quickly

I punch you in the kidney
And the effect lasts much longer
Blood in the urine, hitch in your....giddyup

I punch you with my words
And you run screaming my name
The world listens and you make me....famous

Lesson 2: The Flood

In the face of the flood
Only two male poets could be found
And ushered to the ark

They pretended to write beauty
But did they know of such things
Never having given birth

The world did the best they could
In light of the circumstances
After all, stars are beautiful too

Then she was born.....

Lesson 3: Review Senryu

review drips butter
on your firm, well rounded ass
slip, slap and giggle

Lesson 4: The Wolf

I take my steaming supper on a granite shelf
The same one your grandma kept her clown collection on
I invited you to join me but you insisted that you were a vegetarian
Last week I saw you eat a chicken feathers and all, still warm
Lying only prolongs the inevitable, two kids and an old woman
Tomorrow I dine by candlelight, on your still twitching carcass
Not the way I wanted to dine together sweetheart
But your coldness makes you.... the fourth pig

© 2010 Crowley



  1. Well naturally, I like "The Flood" the best. We always show up and make everything go appealingly tilt.

  2. Each one of these is a poetic trophy in its own right - up there on the shelf with the ornamental clowns. I was remarking earlier how I love to read poetry from the authentic male perspective, and Lessons 1 - 4 are pretty much the reason why.

    They pretended to write beauty
    But did they know of such things
    Never having given birth... That never having given birth gives a more hardcore spin on the world and the state of her affairs.
    Bravo! from me to you.

  3. Boo hooo! I wrote a beautiful, long and insightful comment here, Crowley, but google ate it.

    Something about how I love your hard-core never-having-given-birth style... but I can't remember all the words.

    Lessons 1 - 4 above contain everything I love about poetic voice..blah..blah.. Sorry, going to give up and just end with: You Rock!

  4. Very nicely done! I think Lesson 1 is my favorite out of all of them.

  5. You rock, big time. ;) I love Lesson 1. Oh yes, and Lesson 3. Perfect. And Lesson 4 ... my brother, you have outdone yourself. This is excellent: "Last week I saw you eat a chicken feathers and all" ... from that line on, I was grinning, you big bad wolf. Very creative poetry.

  6. I'm not too green with envy. If I wrote four that good, I'd be done for the month. Loved em all. Bravo!

  7. why do grandmas have clown collections! ack!
    i'll have some of what's behind door number 3, please.

  8. I'll take the flood please! Although each stands on its own--wonderful write sir!

  9. I agree with Kerry - the male perspective is fun to read and "The Flood" is my fav. :)

  10. I've never seen Kerry scuttle before... (!)

  11. Lesson 1 made me laugh, Corey. Great work!