Saturday, September 29, 2012

Traces of Trio

For the Real Toads Sunday Mini Challenge....I can handle three, maybe not well, so be easy on me.

Playing Misty

She was a precious vapor trail
Too light to love completely
But I did, evenly and without remorse


Acting on insider information
I ate whatever was left of your tortured life
And created fields of violent red poppies


In aspen the women shop in furs
And curse the tourists face
While pocketing their blood, sweat and tears


  1. The idea contained in each of your tristichs is a potent one.

    The first reminds me of the song (I haven't heard in years) and it holds your delicate blend of romance and sorrow.
    The second is my favourite: hard-hitting, gorgeous imagery - each line is just perfect.
    And the third says so much about snobbery in so few words.

    Brilliant. I so enjoyed them.

  2. Beautiful and striking descriptions in each make these short poems overflow with nuance and real emotions--just exceptionally creative and vivid work, Corey. I also found the second to be hardest hitting, but the first is my favorite for its sweetness.

  3. I love the set, specially the havoc of violent red poppies ~

  4. Totally potent, Corey!! Each one of these create distinct feelings...very emotively written. :)

  5. Gorgeous set! The first is just brilliant.

  6. Powerful thoughts and words, at play!

  7. awww. i just love that first one. but they are all clear and true.

  8. Excellent! I love these lines:

    "Too light to love completely"
    "And created fields of violent red poppies"

  9. I love these. The last one is my favorite.

  10. Ah, Misty! Horror movie extraordinaire. So nice to have no remorse. Havoc, I take it, is a flesh-eating monster? I'm blown away when they birth flowers! I've never visited Aspen, but here the outdoors are better than the stores, anyway. What fun these images are.

  11. Wow! You can handle three lines. Fantastic set, love havoc!

  12. You did an amazing job with this challenge!
    I could hear music, as I read your words~