Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Justified Schizophrenia

For Izzy's Prompt at Real Toads. I don't know that she's a rebel cuz I don't really know her, but she seems to be a strong woman who knows what she wants and what she likes.  Her writing has inspired me many times and when I saw this prompt....she was the first one that popped into my head. Hope she doesn't get all shitty and resentful about this was done with only respect and awe of her work. Out very own Shay.....

I write and I’m right on most Sundays
One face, two faces, southern drawl, all the bases
If I kiss you with my wit, you will be stunned….stone
I woke up with stronger pursuits than the day before

Ain’t no time like the present, sugar
Giggin’ frogs makes workin’ hands hungry
If lunch time comes and goes, the sweeter the dinner
Front porch calls and my work goes coal black

Gypsy rhymes and ancient times, Friday can be a challenge
One finger, two fingers, written word, thoughts linger
If I see her hitchhiking, damn, I would comb her silver hair….croon
I’m not star struck dammit, just mopping up a leaking dream

If a man wanted to make some money
Shovelin’ shit and turnin’ sweat into eggs and peppered bacon
Then he done found his callin’, picked up the tele
Back stoop calls and my work goes fire red



  1. Perfect ~~ Shay is a real rebel! Hitchhiking with no reservations right up her alley .. we are all a bit star struck, dammit!! Let's go out and find Emmylou for her!

  2. I LOVE this, Herotomost. Shay is our very own adored icon. I love the two voices speaking here, you nailed coal black's drawl. I especially love "I'm busy mopping up a leaking dream" and how "my work goes fire red". I think some of Shay's magic dust must have sprinkled your way!

  3. Gypsy rhymes and ancient times... I can relate to that. Your icon is also a fave of mine

  4. This is fantastic! Shay definitely is two of a kind! (Maybe more...)I loved the back and forth between her voices, and you highlighted the things which make her writing so special. You made my day!

  5. awwww, yeah. very nice!
    my favorite part is: "if lunchtime comes and goes, the sweeter the dinner." ain't that the truth!
    what a tribute.

  6. I love it!! Pssst...I think you mean "our" very own Shay, cos it is way too late to "out" me hunny. No worries about me getting all shitty and resentful; I only do that when the chocolate runs out. On the contrary, I am pleased as can be to come to your blog and find that you've written about rebel me! (And yes, I am a rebel to the core, that's not put on.)

    I love how you alternated voices. You're channeling Coal! And yup, I'm all about Gypsies and ancient times and writes and rhymes and all such like. I absolutely love what you did here, I am honored and more than a little tickled. Thank you, sir!

  7. What fun! Someone had to do this, and I am glad it was you and your ability to narrate tw voices!

  8. Hoorah, Rowley! I think you did our shay justice. I love how you have captured the grrl and awe of her work. In particular, I loved the line " If lunch time comes and goes, the sweeter the dinner". Viva la and thanks for participating in my prompt!

  9. What a fantastic job Corey of sharing the wealth that is our Shay!

  10. the perfect rebel and the perfect poem for her/them! yah!

  11. Oh wow, this is awesome! I love "If I kiss you with my wit," and your ending gave me chills: "Back stoop calls and my work goes fire red." This sounds just like Shay. Excellent.

  12. I thought of Shay as well but found the task of trying to put her awesomeness into words far too daunting! You, sir, did a most excellent job! You captured her spirit(s) with your wonderful words. Bravo!

  13. You did awesome with a topic I couldn;t even begin to do justice to--you got her feel and color down really well, from coal black to midnight blue to fire red...the girl is a kaliedoscope of poetry in motion, and your poem is all your own style, yet full of what that means. Love it! My fave line is : "...I’m not star struck dammit, just mopping up a leaking dream..." ain't we all, babe.

  14. Oh, Corey, I feel as proud as if you'd just given gold medals to my twin daughters, if I had them, which I don't, but Shay is the twin daughters I'd love to have had. There's a convoluted sentence for you, and Shay will be laughing at me, and I'm glad. She deserves all the laughs and all the smiles and all the happiness she can get, and which the world should be heaping upon her.
    I'm going to stop now before I abuse English grammar any more, but I'm so glad you chose Shay as your inspiring rebel.

  15. I'm so glad I clicked your link at Real Toads because this is the first I've seen of your work. Picking Shay was an inspiration. She is a force of nature! I wrote mine about ALL the bloggrrrls... Love the ref to "coal black," too. Peace, Amy

  16. I agree!!! I love the same line as Flip about wit!! Great write!!

  17. Quite entertaining and enjoyable! Rebels are really trailblazers in search of truth and honesty, usually. Rebels with a cause, so to speak. ;)