Friday, September 14, 2012


For Laurie's challenge on Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads....
Terse, hearse, worse, damnable
The words flowed like hardened paste on to million dollar stationery
The words she said to me and of me rushed…blue and rusty
I gagged on my expressions, dry heaves

“Your mother says you write better when you are miserable.”
“So what’s the problem?”
“I make you miserable?”
“Apparently not, I can’t write a thing.”
“I’ll try harder.”
"I’m sure you will.”

Copyright 2012


  1. A bottlenecked throat: marvellous concept :-)
    Hope nobody will start giving you the Heinrich maneuver :-)
    ['Cause today my heart swings
    Yeah today my heart swings']

  2. Misery loves company!

    I had to smile at the irony of the conversation. Must be great to be so happy as to be rendered speechless, even if it makes for poor poetry :)

  3. How helpful is that! Love your poem.

  4. What a great conversation - I loved it!

  5. What a clever poet you are, to make such poetry out of having no poetry!

  6. Leave it to you Corey to give me my smile for the day. You are lucky. Charlie might be able to write some great things if he took up a pen. LOL

  7. Great take on the prompt, love the image of words like "hardened paste on to million dollar stationery." Love this Corey!

  8. I think you are a little bit miserable because you write very well ~

    If you are too happy, you can write love poems..he..he...

    Love this Corey ~ Have a great weekend ~

  9. lol, mmmh, I know someone who likes to do the same to me! Perhaps they are related, ;D
    Fun to read! Great job Corey :D

  10. How not to help a person get unbottlenecked! Interesting write, Corey.

  11. HA! I love the humor, and the serious behind it--I think writing is very important, but being happy, more so--but I too write most easily when I am trying to projectile vomit the misery out before it poisons me. This is very well phrased throughout to suggest Laurie's bottleneck keyword without having to mention it. Good stuff, as always, Corey.

  12. Hilarious! Misery is often the ideal prompt. Try harder... as if that is all it takes!

  13. I so totally (toad-ally?) love this! Just awesome!

  14. "I'll try harder" really cracked me up, Corey, but, to borrow Sherry's word, I toadally relate.
    Great response to the prompt!

  15. This is funny AND true, Corey!!! Well done!!

  16. Been there: made someone miserable and then lived the karma of that. What goes around comes around. You captured at least the second half of that formula well!

  17. with no intention of emasculating you: this one could hold it's own with Dorothy Parker (one of my personal heroes). The sharp wit, the call out to rise above mediocrity. Great work with the challenge. I haven't posted yet because my poor brain is all steeped in work as of late. viva la

  18. yeah, huh, bad shit makes for good writing. yep.

  19. Wonderfully captured tale of writing. :) Thanks for sharing :)