Monday, June 2, 2014

Buying a New Day

Reflecting and not so softly on a life in limbo
Causes a person to check his pockets for coin
Buying clarity isn't the same as tripping over it
Cheap plastic focus glamour's the quick fix
Only to return a man to the starting blocks
Cursing the broken piece you can't find on Craig's List.


  1. Could be the mantra of modern man!

    Nice to see you back in the garden, Corey.

  2. Is there an automat for clarity? Next to the ciggies?
    Can't place this Craig with his list, but that doesn't matter. The sense of it comes through.

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  4. Love the title "Buying a New Day".....and the tripping over clarity. Cool write!

  5. so true, it's just not worth trying to buy it... you gotta find that.

  6. the irony of humans reaching for clarity is that lucidity comes from not searching for it. limbo is the state we live in we just try to make the best of it.

    gracias for stimulating this thought, mi amigo

  7. But..what if it's on EBay? You nail it my friend, the bitter and the shallow, the heart and the soul, and all that hollow space and time for it to rattle itself into pieces. Good to read your words, Corey.

  8. Buying clarity isn't the same as tripping over it . . . love that line.

  9. dancing that limbo myself... ~