Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day Tripper

Tilted and full of grace like a perfectly balanced sandstone boulder
She entered my eye and I bathed in synaptic beauty
Her march south was supposed to stop in the heartland
A life would be built and beauty created from thin air
But the brakes failed, a downward spiral past heart and intuition
Only to lodge squarely in the valley of pleasure and infatuation
A man's aura dies and what is left is post coital breathing

Written for the Sunday Mini Challenge at The imaginary Garden with Real Toads


  1. Ouch when the man's aura dies when the brakes failed, a downward spiral past heart and intuition ~

    Sometimes its hard to fathom where we are between the valley of pleasure and infatuation ~

    Did you accidentally post this at Real Toads blog, ha ~

    Thanks for linking up Corey ~ Wishing you happy Sunday and week ahead ~

  2. I I was absolutely panicked, not fully awake yet, this is what we get when I write something on a Sunday morning before combing my hair!!!!!

  3. That's nature down to earth... :-)

  4. I guess love does lie somewhere between the valley of pleasure and infatuation, and post-coital breathing... Who knows what else a man may lose along the way, aside from his heart?

  5. .. and I say you NEVER have to comb your hair upon rising, if this is the result!

  6. "what is left is post coital breathing".....ouch. All downhill from there - so they say.....It has been so long, I dont remember. Hee hee.

  7. Been there, done that, Corey.
    But there was another hill to climb, the company there was better still.

  8. Such a strong message in so few words. Brilliant.

  9. I love the ethereal feeling to this...quite befitting. Excellent Corey!

  10. Ouch. This one is no accident, but, I think, an internal working of the not-in-love but still-in-want.I wish, when the bi-passes are certain, that the rest could be aborted before it hurts. I love me a long-term familiar one-person-always kind of love.

  11. This is breathtaking....and not just the post-coital breathing ;-) Seriously, I love, "bathed in synaptic beauty" and the feeling this whole thing evokes....such excellent writing and profound observations as well.

  12. a universe in an instant, from the first glimpse of her, and then? and then, it's just breathing ~

  13. The shiny star leads us into our own depths of discovery!
    WE are always chasing light into the shadows!~

    More please! You always intrigue-me!