Saturday, March 17, 2012

Birthing a Savior

Her pinpoint voice

An infants noise

Flew past my life at four thirty

On labor day last year

Her now enormous words

An inspiration to the world

Went supersonic that day

Cradling humanity in supple hands

The world responded with cheers

And caught the comets tail


  1. Awwww... Lovely.
    If the world cheers, it has got to be good :)

  2. Birth and redemption are often equated, though in this case, it seems very personal and alive--and it has many levels. The end result is that I feel like cheering about something, whether its the birth of a child or the rebirth of a self or even humanity--now that would be awesome--so I'm happy, even if I've missed some of what's going on. Thanks for your really cool comment at my place, also.

  3. "Cradling humanity in supple hands" It truly is amazing. :) I see a number of ways to go with this poem - the virgin and child and Mary's messages to the world today; someone's life passing and her life's work has had an affect on those left behind, or possibly, simply your baby being born. ... ha, gotta love poetry! :)

  4. I love the first four lines.. What a swooping way to introduce us to your vision. I agree with Hedgewitch this does have a layer of intensely personal meaning (or so it seems) but you leave it open for us to interpret in our own way.

  5. I picture here the birth of a baby. No greater joy than hearing an infant's voice for the first time. And catching the comet's tail, what what a great metaphor for EXTREME happiness!

  6. i hope you are still experiencing the gift of her cosmic words :)

  7. Love it! I don't know if I understand it fully, but what a sense of joy! Great closing line.

  8. Cradling humanity in supple hands... I love that!