Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Can You Spare Any Change?

A penny for your thoughts had turned into a dollar for your thoughts due to inflation
I wasn't sure that my thoughts were worth the original price of a penny
So I offered them up for free to any who would listen, throwing in a cup of coffee
And when you heard my thoughts and told me they were patently ridiculous
I left the room a changed man, furious at my insignificance and the fact that I had shared
After sitting alone on the corner waiting for the ghosts to finish eating my heart
A man sat down next to me and asked how I was doing, I said fine, like always
He asked me if I knew how to make a million dollars and I said I did
Then show that bitch which direction the wind blows and then send her for a ride
He got up and left and for the second time that day I was a changed man
The power of a word knows no boundaries, and who was I to try to put a fence around mine?

© 2011 Crowley


  1. Power in words, indeed. Ouch...there're so many carelessly flung words out there.

    I love this:

    "sitting alone on the corner waiting for the ghosts to finish eating my heart"

    Excellent, as always, Corey!

  2. Well dang, Corey, this guy is hanging around the wrong kinda folk! LOL! Yes... the power of words and energy and intent have taught me to better filter and protect myself. And to avoid particular places and people. Great write.

  3. Nothing more powerful than words. Enjoyed that.

  4. Ghosts eating a heart! What an apt image. I'll listen to your thoughts any time, Corey, but I DO need the coffee! ;-)

  5. Well built and clever--more than that, clever raised to the power of the wry and knowing. Fine, fine stuff.

  6. And it's all down to the interpretation of the one who hears those words spoken...

  7. LOVE the way you've neatly wrapped this with the bow the last line ties.

  8. I, too, really loved "waiting for the ghosts to finish eating my heart". Great write, kiddo. Your wry wit does deserve a more appreciative audience, though - thank God for Toads, hey?

  9. What a changed man or woman we can be with the power of words ~

    I am still working on my piece in response to your Better than I am ~ Hopefully by next week, its done ~

  10. Nothing like hearing the right words...Fantastic as always!!

  11. Dude, you are so awesome. It's always a treat to visit you; I leave grinning every time. You rock, brother.

  12. If only we had the power to define ourselves, rather than always taking another's opinion on who we are.

  13. good one. your narrator should pay none of them no mind, but oh when you speak and wish you hadn't. oh how that feels.

  14. All RIGHT, Corey. That's tellin' it like it is. I'm almost a hundred years old, and sometimes I still let others define me. Duh, huh?