Friday, April 13, 2012

Effervescence Lost

Everman was everthere at Evermore with everone
And faeries danced on lightning strokes
Enchanting all the largest blokes
Til Eustice captured one by wing and tail

Evermore was eversad at everthing in evertime
And hollered fits in ancient tongues
Shout the curse from  ladder rungs
And searchers took no time to unfurl sail

EverKing was everkind but everspoke of nevermore
That man and light will ever meet
Dance in kind in the village street
Forever hidden masked by magic’s’ veil


  1. Hey, a little soundcloud playlist thingy! How did you do that? The Fit is still my favourite :)

    And how cool is this poem? Everman was everthere at Evermore with everone... Too, too clever.

    I'm poem-jealous of this one, as Izy would say!

  2. I agree with Kerry, very clever write. Evermore a fairy tale. :)

  3. I love the play on words and the last stanza and line to be specific is really striking! Nice write!

  4. What a creative play of words..I like everything :-)

    I love your music playlist...very nice ~

    Is that your voice? Please tell me if its you, you sound very cool ~

  5. anything that evokes feelings of reading about those rapscallions in Neverland is a win for me. i love the rhythm and rhymes in this! feels like you could go on and write many more stanzas of this story.

  6. I also love the rhythm of this. It might be titled "Effervescence lost" but the rhythm makes my blood tingle effervescently.
    I listened to (surprise, surprise) "You Smell Like Mexico" and I love your guitar—sounds Mexican but not Spanish, if you know what I mean.

  7. I SO love this. It is like a poem from way back, love the format, the lilt and rhythm.......and wow! your music is WONDERFUL!!!!! You have an excellent voice, and play very well, too. So talented!

  8. Love this line: "And faeries danced on lightning strokes" :)

  9. This is way to close to a tongue twister for me... I "stuttered" over it just reading it silently. :)

  10. Love the play on words! I agree it is a tongue twister.

  11. I loved this as well. You can feel the effervescence in the words!

  12. What a beautifully unique capture of effervescence!!! I loved the images and the rhythm, so well-composed and effective. Nifty, spiffy, and very, very cool!!!

  13. Wow, amazing. This makes me want to reread A Midsummer Night's Dream...and anyone who can evoke Shakespeare in me deserves applause! Probably my favorite poem of yours I've read yet.

  14. Lots of great alliteration and rhyme... thanks so much for taking part in the challenge!

  15. Corey,

    Sorry I didn't get your email last week. I am fine with the interview. Just send me the questions via email. Thanks,


    1. Thank you for the fun interview and your lovely comments on my blog posts ~

      I appreciate them and look forward to your next posting ~

      Cheers ~

  16. Freakin' fabulous poem! I love "faeries danced on lightning strokes." What a great image!

  17. Great stuff!! Evermore was eversad at everthing in evertime...all those ever's :) btw The Fit is my favorite song..

  18. Hey. You. White Man From Town...

    I'm watchin you. LOL.

    (Hey me throw this knife!

    What, again? That trick NEVER works!)

  19. I enjoyed your slide show, feel like I just had a visit with you. Cool! Thanks, kiddo, for your very kind comment on my blog. I so appreciate it.