Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Let Me Bend Your Ear

I spit my wares into the hallway of a million eyes
Expecting studied, knowing glances
Waiting, needing, justification for putting pen to paper
Eating my words, breathing my experiences, killing my desire

Images for you are weeded out from documentary length rambling
And perch among your thoughts, blending context and reality
“I’ve been there,” you shout, the echo reverberates in my heart
The pieces of my mind clatter to the shiny ceramic tile floor

I peek from behind my shield to see if you are true
You devour my intentions with ravenous introspection
Keeping for your heart, the candy of your choice
The syrupy sweetness tempts the tongue, texture to die for

Eat my words, if you will
Meet my eyes, if you will
Clench my heart in your trembling hands
Cradle my thoughts like a newborn puppy

Let me bend your ear

Copyright 2010 Corey Rowley

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