Sunday, June 10, 2012

Going Deeper

OK, I am breaking the rules.....who makes the rules....someone else.  Sorry Kerry.  I tried three times to write a dementia piece because this like many is near and dear to my heart and couldn't come up with one that was as good as the one I wrote not long ago. Sooooo...let the pants down spankings begin. I will not go down without a fight but I won't make it a habit either.  This was written when my mother in law was battling Alzheimers...tricky stuff. This for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads...

There is a place to go
And we all go, we do… go
Where the beige wall is painted
A violent red

The dark spot
A cancer on an otherwise healthy heart
Is real in comparison
To a birthday party, or an anniversary dinner

We dig with a new spade
And then cover what we have found
The smell of foul and sour earth
Discoveries, shadowy and veiled but solid in the mind

The line is thin
So thin that every word is complacent
Thin as winter lips, cracked and dry
And we dance, hoping someone will throw some water

Careworn hands and eyes filled with lust
Where are you now? Who are you now?
Don’t look in the mirror
The reflection is you, pointing at you

Don’t worry my child
The colors black and purple are everywhere
Your place, this place, is special
Let’s have a picnic, let’s have a cry

Darkness fades as the light rises and cuffs
Picking up the dishes of our meal
Walking and walking back to what
To everything that everyone wants us to be


  1. I had a hard time with this prompt because I didn't have a personal experience. But yours is lovely in black and purple colors, and that ending line is specially poignant, to everything that everyone wants us to be ~ Thanks for sharing this ~ You can also linked this up to Monday's OLN ~

  2. These words really bring the elements of a life that is no longer centred into sharp focus: the not quite rightness of an insidious dementia. I'm happy to see you linking up this piece, which no one else has had the opportunity to read.

  3. Every once Ina while, rules are made to be broken. Walking backwards is a great analogy for Alzheimer's.

  4. how could you write something closer to the bone than this? thank you for sharing it. sigh.