Monday, March 7, 2011

Goodnight My Friend

I wanted to say goodnight with lightness of being, but crushing passion
The currents of sleep flow tediously when the wants of soft lips are rising
And the coming of the keeper of perfect souls stirs dark winds
Licking ambitions born of a need to feel like a wondrous effigy, burning
Turn in beautiful circles, your thoughts trailing and falling to the ground like snow

Good night my friend
Sleep tight my friend
Good night my love

And when you hear the faint drumming of the wheels and the trains distant whistle
Making your dreams the most murderous form of travel....reaching point B is impossible
The other sound is that of the glass rod breaking in two cleanly, crystalline click
It is your resolve being challenged and divided between self and other
You busy yourself about your own house while longing to landscape abroad

Good night my friend
Sleep tight my friend
Good night my love

And if you drift away with such thoughts girl
You will be whole again by morning, eating the crisp yellow sunshine
And if you think of me, let it be brief in time, but magnificent in scope
And if I touch your heart through your ear, then listen and sigh
Blushing becomes you and you become me, good night my friend

Thursday, March 3, 2011

And The North Beach Rain

In tracing the path of that one drop of rain, sublime
The one that started at the top of the spire
Of the immense cathedral, deathly ornate….Jesus
Dripping from the finger of Mary and on to the back of your neck

Following that rivulet I might find the words
That only gods use to describe timeless lust
Chaotic and unbridled, what is the law my darling?
Lawlessness is acceptable when it is your eyes that give direction

That drop would settle in that little hollow
At the base of a supple spine…yours, beauty in strength
And if at times like these I refrain from drink and dreams
I would stab my finger, tasting, dignified moisture, quenching

That pool sends a mortal mans mind racing
Would you deny me a swallow of desire perfectly placed?
I could pay you in the warmth of longing and new pennies
And if I am short, take my umbrella

Let the pool dry, those swimmers are not likely to please
I will work fast and with fastidious abandon, anxious
And when I can let gossamer words float like petals on the surface
I will taste that gaze and the North Beach rain