Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sea Salt

I didn't know it
But my sanity had been trimmed with my last haircut
"What the fuck is your problem," she asked
I told her I was just keeping it in the basket
And kept dancing
I knew that the brine that had once coated the relationship
Had solidified, you could use it to salt the sidewalk now
She slipped anyway, testing, tasting
I hope she comes back around and not for the sex
No, she was the seasoning, a pinch of this, a shake of that
A shaft of unbearable light, the world never stood a chance

Friday, June 26, 2015

Feeding the World

Biting the worm in half leaves residue for the future
My mother told me to feed my soul but not to forget our universe
You are god when they have lost their faith, feed them the other half
So that you may be whole again and lock hands
Analyzing the ashes created by life's fire prove we are all so much kindling

Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 BD

I give a shit!
You're drowning in blankets of maybe, sorry
Let me peel back the layers and expose your new skin
A perfect photograph of kindness upon your brow
Worry thrown like a frisbee to the pups nipping at your heels

I give two shits!
You should have held tight, white knuckled
Thrown to the curb because I feel the universe expanding
My breath encompassing NOW, emotionally relevant
Keep climbing dear, when you reach that spire I will have gone

Giving a shit is love without the curse word
Giving a shit is the soft warm bosom of the world
Giving a shit builds mountains that shelter, grows crops that nourish
Giving a shit is the foundation for life's minstrel show, snake oil and all
Giving a shit is what I do

It Takes Two

It takes two…coffins to bury last night’s casualties
My dignity and my unflappable charm did not go down without a fight
Put your left foot in, put your left foot out
Shamelessly flailing like a land locked trout

It takes two…men with shovels to dig out the grave
The place where my Sunday will be buried, a day dying on the couch
Put your right foot in, put your right foot out
I’m too old for this shit, there is no doubt

It takes two…former friends to tell me to sit down the following week
When the dance floor flirts, massaging my need for attention with lovers fingers
Put your head in, put your head out
Who am I kidding, Captain Morgan has the clout