Tuesday, January 22, 2019


     Mostly, I stumble like a young Angus in a bed of mums. Hooves caked with dark, rich, soil, but not understanding anything with the exception of the awkwardness that are my feet and that the sweet taste of the grasses sprouting around the mums, satisfies for a short while. I picture myself landing delicately, but try as I might, gravity doesn’t give way to the desires of an aging boy restless for want of a decent sentence to pass on to troubled souls.  I settle to the carpet, long since worn with the traffic of life and close my eyes in an attempt to fuse the tag ends of my existence and create that circle that allows my progeny to travel their track, to their destiny, hoping that they can land more delicately. I see other destinations for them, shining and futuristic, their happy faces raised to the light of a rapturous sun hand in hand, wanting each other and embracing the coming of the comets tail. Upon reflection and in parables that float thought the watery vastness of my closed eyes, the truth is printed on the inside of my eyelids. They too will feel awkward, slogging through the mud, surrounded by beauty and wondering if their offspring will enjoy a lightness of being that will allow them to fly to the moon for a picnic of wonder and wisdom. In my mind, I throw them the keys to my rocket ship and tell them to be careful, the road to the moon has no speed limit and racing the light often ends up being a losing bet.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


We all saw you in our dreams last night, the effect was calming
Taking the love and the light and giving it a three dimensional quality
You said to walk the path lightly, but with confidence, I didn’t hesitate
You touched the back of my head and saw the hope and created flow

Sister, where are your weary hands when the work is done
Granting so much to so many and asking nothing in return
Sister, where are your thoughts after soothing my fears
Showing the way when so many plant brambles at our feet

We all saw you in the reflection of the water in the morn, the effect was wondrous
Taking the tears and creating rivulets of love and light, satin
You said to give my heart to the depths and live vertically but with reach
You stared into my eyes and pulled out the deepest browns and translucent blues

Sister, you are the one who binds the now to the forever
Seeing the things that are but ghosts in the recesses of a diseased outlook
Sister, you are the one that ebbs and swirls, making words into wishes
Walking unseen through the hearts and minds of the ones who want to love