Monday, January 20, 2014

To the One.....

To the one who ate what was put in front of him
And played solitaire for hours at Grandmas house
Wondering if fathers were a painted figment
Imagination runs rampant with the need for touch

To the one who hop scotched delicately
Drawing pictures of hearts and families unbroken
Finding the path with small hands and no compass
Navigating shark infested waters with floaties and a stick

To the one who spat in conventions mouth
Writing rulebooks inked in common sense and not dogma
Walking lines that broke left to lifes bounties
Using the muddy shoes to plant grapes for wine

Finding self is a task best left to the fates, they'll ring you
Flexing muscles of the heart and soul intuitively
Provides a verdict that rings with freedom and light
Blissfully aware that neither place or time are the hammer's blow

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Watershed Moment

Twilight was a baby then, bald and blue
Not as deep as it is today, but still fanciful
Built from blossom pigments, purple and black and wild
Fifteen night gulls quickly hung stars in jest, nightly
It was spiritous then, unmanufactured, salt
You said a crevice was a crevice, a mountain tortured
I sighed and spoke of moon and a monsters heart
Baby doll I sang, baby doll
You never wept and I knew
Twilight would be mine alone

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


For Grapeling's 2014 Challenge #1, use nine words he picked from one of DH Lawrence's poems and construct your own.  Here we go.

His wants were a wedge designed for driving...please
Fine and spidery were the intentions borrowed from love's threshold
A subtle chaos varnished with liquid desire and keen as the sharpest knife
Spoil the man with a wayward glance and the stalking and groping begins

"Your beauty is beyond compare."
"There are three as lovely in this room alone."
"They taste like brown bread baked seven days hence."
"Somebody should put you out of your misery."
"Only you and only you."

Winged with brightly colored feathers he soars in lusts direction
Somebody forgot to tell him her desire wasn't as thick
A subtle shift of desires, current no longer lifts
And death seems certain when the hearts noose is too taught