Monday, May 13, 2019


You drank cranberry juice like it was going out of style
I chewed Fruit Stripe gum and bitched how the flavor faded too fast
We were afraid of spiders and the dark, but more of spiders
The dark was only terrifying because it made us burn like sparklers

You grew into a beauty, too soft, too smart, too desired
I grew awkwardly,  like a sunflower, head too big, more weed than flower
We still said "hi" in the hallway, but your future was big screen, Technicolor
Mine faded like the stars in a New York City sky, destined for mediocrity

You were a beautiful young mother, long term plans shelved, hidden regret
I came out of the military strong, changed in ways that helped, harmed
We had no idea what the fates had in store but we still dreamed, moved forward
Time moves with liquid speed, not missing the cracks or crevices, flowing silently

You were standing at Grant and Green, your aura engaging, hair resplendent
I hadn’t seen you in twenty years, my god how the memories came flooding back
We sipped Cape Cods and talked about being afraid of spiders, but not the darkness
The darkness was the only place we could find each other again, burning and sparking