Friday, February 17, 2012

Always a Teacher

She stood tipped toes on turquoise glass
Asked angels for a backstage pass
The homely one he snatched her eye
And blinked away with no goodbye
She screamed and bled a wailing cry
Her life had been so neat

In two strong hands she came across
The voices there bemoaned her loss
Ethereal air turned cold stone
Placed in front on a gilded throne
A teacher faced a final loan
Confused she took her seat

Two by two wee ones funneled in
One eyed children who never sinned
They would have sat for seven days
Seeking truth from her tortured gaze
“Help them to navigate the maze”
“Your words will be their meat”

The booming voices new her fear
“To teach them you must be a peer”
“In heaven there’s no need for eyes”
“You teach them only lullabies”
“And calm there adolescent cries”
Her heart it skipped a beat

Always a teacher


  1. Well, you had my attention from the title.. since I suffer from the aforementioned malady (though I'm sure it's high time I quit).

    For me you do hit the ethereal nail on the head.. because teaching is so much more than standing on front of a class and unleash a barrage of information, it is a call to arm the most unrecognized sector of society: the children, the wee ones. I wish more teachers out there would lose an eye in order to learn how to see.
    Stunning poetry of the highest level.

  2. I'm with Kerry... this is perfectly ehtereal... I especially like the ending.

  3. Well done! I love how affective your imaginary is. I have to read it again

  4. Fabulous response to Laurie's word. Wow.

  5. What little I have to add is:]


    Impressive writing in response to Laurie's prompt.

  6. love it, i'm so glad you are here.
    although i was imagining Mad Eye Moody (from Harry Potter) which gave this a little twist :)

  7. i was so happy to see your link at Real toads. this piece has your trademark under current of cynicism, but you also captured a bit of mythology to mesmerized. Viva la

    1. Ahhhhhhh!!!!! It is so good to see you IG...I miss you. I hope everything is better than the last time I talked to you, s I recall you were pretty banged up. Hope you are well and thanks yo.

  8. I would never have imagined it like this...but you gave me a new pair of eyes...excellent writing ~

  9. FANTASTIC response to the prompt, on such an important topic. Totally wonderful.

  10. teachers never stop teaching, and seem to talk about their experiences all the time, of course, i don't blame them, it's so rewarding

    four brilliance senryu