Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Inspector General

I love me some Isadora Gruye...she rocks.

I like your hair…..”
“Grease fire….It’s growing back”
You turn and order green tea, no sugar, from the cute organic boy
For the seventeenth time this week
“I like your shoes….”
“I know…who wouldn’t”
You stare at the shoes at least five seconds longer than I did
You turn and look hard into my eyes
“Well as long as we are on the subject of liking things….”
You shift and raise one arm to the ceiling
“I like thick prose written in a junkyard setting….heavy on vermouth”
I stare back, thoughtfully
“Why, whatever do you mean?”


  1. Oh yeah... I know that cute organic boy! You nailed this one, AZ!

    I adore Izzy's thick prose in a junkyard setting myself :)

  2. Such an interesting conversation, I mean, I'd really like to have a glance at these two wherever they were sitting I'd try to eavesdrop!

    Thanks for taking the challenge. :)

  3. I think they are taking AT, not WITH each other- but perhaps its because I don't speak the language...

    1. Thanks for reading..... I appreciate it. It's kind of an inside joke with someone I have been reading for a while, and who inspires more greatly. Doesn't make much sense. I

  4. This is fantastic...funny how "conversations" seem unclear to others but are the best inspiration to the ones having it...

  5. This sure looks like a fun conversation ~

  6. Me, I need a thick skin when Ada starts lashing me with her tongue...

  7. First two lines totally cracked me up. Love the mastery of the conversational style--this really is how people talk to each other, and when we talk to those who seem to understand us without many words, that coded language is perfectly clear. Enjoyed it.

  8. hahaha having read both of you for some time now, I see this all too well! it's more like a conversation with yourself in the presence of another regarding mutually similar things but completely separate at the same time, which is exactly how I'd picture it or any conversation between 2 great poets haha your conversationalist pieces are always top notch - and who doesn't "like thick prose written in a junkyard setting"

  9. The Gruye woman has some serious mojo.

  10. deja vu....I think this was my Monday afternoon, long lunch away from work, hard to go back. You brought something to the plate here far greater than I could have conjured!