Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Wedding Dance of Cora Blue

......an ode to the strength of women.

God showered his shards of colored glass
At the wedding dance of Cora Blue
All danced light on tips  and rainbow hues
Riding magic waves of love and sight
Til satyrs whispered, turn out the light

As time wore on, the world loved in mass
To the life and love of Cora Blue
And worked fallow fields the ancients knew
Growing kindness, folding wee ones right
Til times grip became a touch too tight

The destiny of that perfect lass
Loving angel known as Cora Blue
In history books the pages flew
No one human had the reach and flight
That she bestowed on her wedding night

© 2011 Crowley


  1. Your craftsmanship attention is showing, with your ambitious rhyme scheme and rhythmic structure. This underlines a musicality in the ode, reflecting the woman and wedding in the theme.

  2. This is so whimsical, a story written with a loving touch, and the character you have created shines through, this Cora Blue on her wedding day.

  3. I simply love this...what a treat it will be to read your blogs!