Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Toast

Taking your soul in plain sight
A boundless favor to free you from your happiness
That woman would destroy your mind as was mine
And in your hour of need, you would have only your hands
And as time would show, dear friend, they were too weak

Though her eyes are curved and cut like marbles
She is no more yours than the wind or the rain
Though her voice chases the wild dogs from your mind
She is a woman with only a short time to cast
That which her hips can bear and carry through the veil

Your head isn’t my prize, but more a surety
Your empty stare, shoring for my own angry heart
I can share with you my thoughts, uninterrupted
But how I wish you would comb your hair
And wash the blood from your lips

Do you think that woman misses you?
The same way I am certain mine longs for this touch
Get a hold of yourself, there are ten-fold waiting
To touch those breasts and she will receive
Sooner than you could imagine possible

A man does not do for a woman, but alas, for other men
Taking in glory like the smoothest silk and spinning destinies
Destinies that are lost in an instant to times infinite march
If a man gets lost in the trivets of or his own wanderlust
The pay for such a man is impotent indeed and won't buy bread

One man’s life is a small price to pay my friend
I breathe my last sane thought into your mouth and wipe my blade
Holding the last of my drink to your rigor mortis lips
A toast to your attentive ear and the end to your sorrow
Tomorrow I see her again, and all will not be well


  1. sounds like the epilogue of a bloody duel for a typical femme fatale...Helen, Eve..take ur pick.

  2. Why does this remind me of the Devil from the movie "Shortcut to Happiness"?!

    So biting and kind of sad. Especially the end. :)
    I like the way you write. :)

    And also,you know, I have never ended my poems with a happy note. I did not realise it until you asked me! I'll experiment more maybe!

    Good day to you!

  3. Why do I suddenly feel like the driver who brakes and causes an accident behind, but goes sailing away unscathed herself?

  4. This poem sets an excellent scene, makes the reader FEEL. However, I think something awful will happen next, and I don't want to be there.

  5. Creates feelings of wanting to know but enjoys the fun plainly before knowing them. Great write!


  6. There is, indeed, something ominous about this poem, not so much the blood-letting or even the apparently sinister voice, but some deeper warning against women who use manipulation and guile to "have their way" with a certain type of man.

    I have to say that if more men realized the truth in these lines, then conflict could be averted:

    She is no more yours than the wind or the rain
    Though her voice chases the wild dogs from your mind...


  7. I like the second verse very much (Kerry quoted my fav lines) ~

    I am intrigued by your writing because it goes off in a different direction. The ending line is a powerful makes me wonder what else is coming ~

    Happy day to you~

  8. yep, the lines Kerry noted are rough gems here.