Monday, January 28, 2013

Men In Low Cars

This ones for Marian!!!!! From a Stephen King prompt a  while back.  Enjoy Babyluv!!!

Driving slow and listening to swing music by day
And the music of a small boy’s screams by night
They took his father on a road trip through the veil
To Boo Ya Moon to feed him to the Long Boy neat
Wrapped him in ribbon and cuts of rotting flesh
Placed gently beneath the boughs of the sweetheart tree

Ace……Ace, help me man, are you awake
The king’s here for his birthday cake
He’s in a bad way Ace
Maybe we should go home man….you know?

Percy sailed to the port that night, setting anchor in my mind
She ate happiness and shit curses in waters of black ink
It’s going to be a long night….I hope, that’s what Wireman said
She couldn’t just keep the Big Boy on a chain, why should she
And God forbid when the painting's done…have mercy
Play with your dolls hon and if you have a good day, we smoke

Derry is as Derry does….christ sakes
His fucking head is full of snakes
Oh shit man…..the sun
Maybe we should go home man….you know?

That Glick boy learned to fly with help of whitewashed friends
It’s always the house on the hill that needs cleaning, sour earth
When a man’s heart gets too stony, he’ll do anything to make things right
Secrets tend to gather darkness at an alarming rate, the sparrows are flying
And congregate in desert lands where Chinese slaves infuse desperation….tak!
While men in low cars scour the streets, nose to the air for the scent of fear

Walk the green mile…last time for these shoes
Innocent men pay hard their dues
Roll on two…..even with the house
We should’ve gone home man…you know?

© 2011 Crowley


  1. babyluv! i luv this! yay, so much fun! oooooh the sweetheart tree.
    love. xoxo

  2. This is quite a story Corey ~ I enjoy your style of writing ~


  3. You are a master story teller. I could sit on your porch and listen for really should do some spoken word recordings..hint hint :)

  4. Your writing / story telling is good, Corey. You are one of a kind!

  5. There is certainly evidence of a master story-teller at work here with the intriguing characters and hints of a back story. What really makes this poem for me are the eerie interjections that all end with the 'Maybe we should go home... Maybe we should have gone home...' It creates a sense of impending doom, so in keeping with King's narratives.
    Were the men in low cars from Hearts in Atlantis? (You know I've only read 1 1/2 Stephen Kings :-P)

  6. I can sense a mastery of style and narrative in your work. But to tell you the truth, I think I'm missing some context here, because I couldn't really understand what this is about.. put it down to my abysmally scanty exposure to poetry :(

    Thank you for reading my poem and sharing your thoughts on it.

  7. fierce... that is the first word that pops into my mind reading this... then fearsome. Thanks for your kind words about my post... could they be any different, one from the other?

  8. Cripes, yes! Should have high-tailed it home.