Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Float On


The twilight seemingly everlasting, shimmers with lightning bug flashes
On the bed where my fleshly shell rests, mortally ticking with engaging thought
Lying motionless excepting only the visual cues that uplift my spirit
I see the world in curse and revelation

Slowly I leak ethereal
Rising, lucidly, with purpose, commuting in experience
Riding on currents, freshly bending time and warping intellectual process
Eating quantum bits, and breathing Christ like tendrils

In war, I saw the soldiers grip
An infant broken with innocence leaking blood and light
He saw me and cried for help, fingers sketching injustice
My gaze a Valium, placebo to allow the soul to live, cheating insanity

In love, I drift and eye a pool of sizable lust
The male hooks my gaze, his hands on milky breasts, his guilty smile
Her pool accepting a temporary thrumming, hearts bombastically syncopated
My smile a sail of hope for enduring communion, blissful companionship

In death, the creation of space and energy, a needed vacuum of mortality
She longingly sobs to my feet, not daring the torturous glance of truth
Pulling the maggots from eyes long since milked over
I settle anxieties meant only for tears welling in active bosoms

I float to prize a tumultuous past
I float to preserve hopeful, mesmerizing dreams
I float to eat the ripe paste that nourishes a doubtful tomorrow
I float because….I need you


  1. This is so powerful. Your writing has huge scope and really original imagery. My favourite line: '...Eating quantum bits, and breathing Christlike tendrils...'

  2. almost too much to read, really. almost too much to bear.

  3. "My gaze a Valium, placebo to allow the soul to live, cheating insanity". Is there a better way to describe the thousand yard stare? I don't think so.

  4. Awww... this is heart breaking, especially so for the child. When you see the pictures of all those innocents maimed, killed, laying there with dreadful injuries, it makes us really question the insanity of this world.
    What a deep, very thought provoking, sometimes disturbing in its truth, write. Your writing always has a way of making its reader 'feel' it.
    Amazing imagery.

  5. This poem has layers that are almost geological, full of the fossils of experience, marked by the ravages of change--the first two stanzas especially hit hard, but the tension and the insinuating meanings never flag. I can see why you call this one of your favorites.

    And, hey--thanks for putting up some more of your music. I love it.

  6. Your writing is with details and emotions. I see the world in curse and revelation..such an intriguing thought.

    If ever you want to expand sharing your poetry, you should share the link to D'verse OLN. I know some of the writers there who will be thrilled to read your writing ~

  7. Fantastic writing. The war stanza is stunning - how DOES one live with that sight? Love the Valium, "placebo to allow the soul to live". Yes! Your final stanza is amazing.

  8. That third stanza is crushingly weighty. Wow!

  9. You plumb the depths of the spirit in this poem, trying to define the edges of that landscape of desperation.

  10. Sometimes the only way to survive is to float. This is definitely a powerful, heartfelt piece. The broken infant makes me cry.

  11. Ah man...this is just something to behold. You've gone and done it again. Your words just wow me.

  12. The third stanza is PowerFUL! wow... makes me think you have seen war on the front line... I certainly hope not.

  13. And I like the music you added to the side bar!

  14. This is an intense write, gripping...thank you!

  15. Heartbreakingly powerful, Corey.