Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Membership Has it Rewards

She opened the speak easy port peering perfectly
White skin
Pink cheeks
Green eyes…..fuck

She whispered my name in tones to die for
Red lips
Sultry voice
Soft lilt…..glow

Her breath smelled like ice and licorice
Warm smile
Cool breeze
Ice crystal words…..breathless

She asked me for the password
Fogged mind
Beauty trance
Winter queen…..perfect

“A frozen kiss” I whisper
Lengthening grin
Quick beats
Gentle click…..sigh

You realize once you enter….
Pushed door
Sheer sundress
Marble smooth…..lust

You are a member for life
Soft kiss
Cool touch
Lie down…..happy

1 comment:

  1. How could I have missed this one? It's a great delving into human sensuality and attraction - as a green-eyed woman, I can only applaud ;)